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You’ve just finished servicing a customer’s car. You two talk about the weather, how it’s going to be the perfect day to take the car for a nice drive. The customer pays and is ready to walk out. Before the customer leaves, though, you say, “Hey, would you like to review us?”

The customer says, “Yes. Where?”

While a verbal ask is one way to get customers to review your company, there are also automated ways to get customers to review you online at the time of purchase. But first, why do you want to generate reviews? Because getting reviews on a consistent basis is an important part of building brand awareness and giving consumers a research tool when they search for a business like yours. 

Sync Your Point-of-Sale System With A Customer Review Software Solution’s API

Ziebart, an automotive aftermarket franchise company that provides detailing, films and protection, has integrated its point-of-sale system with the ReviewTrackers API.

Larisa Walega, director of marketing of Ziebart International Corporations, says, “Once a customer’s invoice has been closed through our POS (point-of-sale), an email is automatically sent to the address the customer provided, asking them to rate their experience using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology.”

Ziebart has sent a total of 14,251 review request emails.

“We’re encouraging store owners to show more initiative in asking for reviews from our customers,” she says. “Starting the conversation and being able to direct the customer to leaving a review is helping tremendously. The process has been streamlined with the addition of the ReviewTrackers API into our point-of-sale software.”

Send a Review Request Immediately Via Email or SMS

When a customer leaves your store after they purchased a product or service, you can sync up your point-of-sale system with a review software to send review requests shortly after the point of sale via SMS or email. 

Use An In-Store Kiosk Mode at Point-of-Sale

To get your customer’s contact information, give the customer a tablet toward the end of their visit. With ReviewTrackers, this way of getting a customer’s contact information is called Kiosk Mode.  If you use a review management solution like ReviewTrackers, then the customer’s information will automatically be kept in the solutions’ dashboard once they enter their information. 

What Customer Reviews Can Do For Your Business

Customer reviews are an important research tool for consumers. And reviews help businesses get insights into the customer experience.  

According to the 2018 ReviewTrackers Online Reviews Survey:

  • 63.6 percent of consumers say they are likely to check online reviews on Google before visiting a business.
  • 94 percent of consumers say an online review has convinced them to avoid a business.
  • 53 percent of customers expect a business to respond to negative reviews within a week. But 63 percent say that a business has never responded to their review.

Getting customer reviews at the time a customer purchases a product or service is a great way to increase the amount of reviews you have. This will help with search engine results, star rating, and consumer research.

Megan Wenzl

Megan is the Associate Editor for ReviewTrackers. She's a writer who is committed to finding useful information to help your business succeed. Megan holds an M.A. in journalism from Columbia College Chicago.


  1. Razia Richter

    Thanks for your article Megan and the the reminder of the importance of how customers use peer to peer reviews before making a purchase or using a service. As there continues to be a diminishing trend of response rates to survey’s by customers, its important for companies to figure out how to build the survey into the actual experience, particularly in the mobile app. From my perspective the survey should be simple and short, two or three questions at the most. The closed-loop aspect of the process is so critical as you pointed out, people want to know that something is being done with the feedback.

  2. Samantha Elizabeth

    Hi Megan Wenzl, Thanks for a really helpful article. I’m looking to start accumulating reviews from my customers but I’m unsure where to collect them.

    Are there any benefits of Google reviews over product reviews on my own site?

    Any help would be great!

    Thanks again, Elizabeth

  3. Samantha

    This is a very interesting idea. I have noticed that a lot of new businesses are transitioning to a tablet with some sort of card reader instead of a typical register these days. Putting a quick rating button at the end of a transaction would be very easy with this technology. These are some great tips.