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Patient Perspectives Important for Future of Healthcare

May 11, 2017

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Healthcare—Managing Online Reviews and Patient Feedback

Welcome to This Week In Reviews, a weekly digest of the most important stories about online reviews, customer feedback, and customer experience. This week: Two healthcare industry thought leaders say the industry needs to use the patient perspective as a metric to assess the value of healthcare.

It’s About the Patient

Patients will most likely continue to take on more responsibility when it comes to their healthcare, write Alan Balch and Darius Lakdawalla, two industry thought leaders, in a Health Affairs op-ed.

This means that the healthcare industry needs to use the patient perspective as a metric to assess the value of healthcare.

“Any approach to patient-centric care must grapple with the reality that patients, even those facing very similar situations, differ in their healthcare preferences and values,” write Balch and Lakdawalla.

New tools that use technology will be needed to assess patient values, the authors write.

“It could reveal gaps in care and promote more focused discussions with the healthcare team.”

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