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Do you own or manage a restaurant? Your diners and potential customers may be looking for you on OpenTable.

Since its launch in 1998, the popular online reservations and restaurant reviews site has seated over 350 million diners around the world, generated more than 15 million reviews, and grown a base of 25,000 restaurant customers.

OpenTable Reviews Program

In November 2008, OpenTable launched the OpenTable Reviews Program, designed to connect diners to great restaurants and local business owners. Through the program, diners who honor an OpenTable reservation are invited via e-mail to use an online form and submit restaurant reviews and feedback. These reviews can be accessed by OpenTable users and partner restaurants across the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

If you’re a restaurateur, we recommend that you claim your business listing on OpenTable and connect with potential customers who use the site. The OpenTable Reviews Program, furthermore, has grown at a rate that will have any local business owner paying attention: by generating over 450,000 reviews every month, OpenTable is able to average an extremely healthy response rate of 5 percent.

Here are some of the features of the OpenTable Reviews Program:

Review verification. Only verified diners who honored an OpenTable reservation can write a review of your restaurant or local business. (No need to manually check for fake reviews!)

OpenTable Reviews Program Explained

Review moderation. Unlike other review aggregators like Yelp or TripAdvisor, OpenTable doesn’t host reviews permanently – focusing instead on relevance, timeliness, and fresh perspectives. Each review submitted by verified diners is moderated to ensure compliance with community standards and editorial guidelines, and is deleted after 120 days. In other words, older reviews expire after four months.

Review analysis and feedback. Even if you’re already using your own online review monitoring platform, you can still leverage OpenTable’s dashboard to analyze the reviews and feedback provided by your customers. This dashboard shows your restaurant ratings and trend reports, as well as a list of e-mail addresses, private notes, and correspondence with individual OpenTable users.

OpenTable Diners’ Choice lists. Working hand-in-hand with the OpenTable Reviews Program is OpenTable Diners’ Choice, composed of lists that showcase the highest-rated, top-ranking OpenTable partner restaurants in over 25 product and service categories. It’s a great way to enhance your visibility and reputation on the Web – especially if you’re able to consistently create positive dining experiences that leverage your online word-of-mouth potential and inspire customers to submit glowing reviews of your business.

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  1. George

    Carmine’s La Trattoria in Kendall is awesome and so is their server Luis

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    Hi there, is a company able to respond to comments for all to see?

    • Chris Campbell

      Hi Jill – thats exactly what ReviewTrackers does and would be happy to help you respond to your reviews.

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    I give UP how do you right a review on this site ?