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google review not showing up

Chances are that your listing isn’t the only one that suffers from Google reviews not showing up.

There isn’t one solution to this issue. However, we managed to find some solutions that could explain the sudden disappearance of a few Google reviews.

Google My Business Listing Issues

There are a few scenarios that point to problems within a Google My Business (GMB) listing as that leads to a Google review not showing up. This is easily fixed with a few changes within the GMB listing.

Inaccurate Listing Information

An incorrect listing doesn’t just turn potential customers away; it also reduces the number of reviews a business can get after customers leave the store. Fortunately, you can easily change that by editing the Google My Business (GMB) listing information.

By clicking on the “Info” section of the GMB dashboard, you can edit important pieces of the listing’s public information such as the address, operating hours, and phone number.

You can use the “Info” section to “refresh” your location.

  1. Click on the pencil icon next to the listing’s address, and a pop-up window should appear, which includes a smaller version of Google Maps.
  2. Wiggle the map a bit and make sure the pin settles back onto the right location.
  3. Press the Apply button on the bottom of the window to save your changes.

This should refresh your business’ Google profile, which should return to normal within a few minutes. If the reviews still don’t appear, try clearing your browser’s cache.

Duplicate listings

You should also double-check to see if there are duplicate business listings. This might seem like Google removed a review from your listing, but it appears on an alternate listing.

You can check for duplicate listings by visiting Google Maps and search for the business location’s exact name or address.

There are multiple ways to delete these duplicate listings – such as reporting it to Google via Maps or removing the location through the GMB dashboard – but the main thing you should do to prevent the issue is by verifying the correct listing.

Same Business, New Location

If a business changes location but keeps the same name, Google should transfer the reviews to the new location, which is reflected on Google Maps.

However, if a business is heavily tied to a specific location – think hotels, golf courses, or local attractions – then Google might not automatically move the reviews.

If this is the case, send a report to Google using the Report a Problem link and provide information on your new business location.

Moving to a new location means that you might also have to re-verify the listing.

Inactive Listings

An inactive listing also has a negative effect. Those who don’t log in to their Google My Business dashboard or shown any activity – such as post updates, upload/share photos, respond to reviews, etc. – after a “significant length of time” might lose a business’ verification status.

Without verification, a business won’t appear in Google Search or Maps, which means customers won’t see Google reviews for that business.

Google will attempt to contact you via email before it revokes the status to see if there is someone actively managing the listing. If you miss the email and the listing becomes unverified, you will need to contact support to restore the previous status.

Google Outages

There’s also the extremely rare chance that the problem is Google itself. In the past, Google suffered from sporadic outages, which results in Google reviews not showing up for multiple businesses.

From the GMB user’s perspective, this might mean missing out on a few reviews from customers, but you can always reach out to them later via email and kindly ask for feedback. Just make sure your message includes a review link.

Brand New Listings

The early days of a business can be difficult when it comes to attracting customers, and a GMB listing can help. However, there have to be enough people that leave a review after their visit.

In fact, Google won’t show the full set of reviews until at least five people leave a review or rating of a business. This is where word-of-mouth marketing might help attract more people to specific services or products.

google review not showing up

Review Formatting

If the problem isn’t the listing, then the issue might be in the reviews themselves. However, GMB users don’t have as much control in terms of user-submitted feedback. The best option is to tell customers about best practices when writing any form of feedback.

Reviews Marked as Spam

Google continues to be aggressive in fighting review spam to ensure the quality of the platform, which could possibly mean that some reviews may violate Google’s Prohibited and Restricted Content guidelines.

The review can also disappear in this case when the GMB or another regular user flags the review as inappropriate. However, Google will need to look at the review in questions before deleting it from the listing.

Reviews with Links and URLs

Google can also remove reviews and responses that contain any links or URLs. However, the author of the review can quickly edit their review to omit the URL and avoid Google’s digital axe.

Reviews from Third-party Sites

In the past, Google posted review data from sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Yahoo Local on a business’ Google listing. However, that’s no longer the case, which means that any reviews that showed up during that time from other sites are no longer part of the overall number of reviews in a listing.

In some cases, Google will sometimes still show some feedback from other reputable sites in a section called “Reviews around the Web” below the reviews by Google users, but these reviews are generated algorithmically and may not always be accurate.

Private or Deleted Reviews

There’s also the rare case that some users deleted their reviews. In previous updates, they could just mark their reviews as private so others won’t see their feedback, but that option is gone.

Reviews from any user will remain public, and the only way to make sure that no one else sees it is by deleting the review altogether.

Google Reviews Not Showing Up are an Opportunity

It might seem like the end of the world when reviews disappear, but GMB users should use it as a way to get more reviews from newer customers.

Research shows that 77 percent of consumers only care about reviews published in the last three months. There’s an even smaller group of consumers – 18 percent – who are only interested in reviews posted in the last two weeks.

By continuing to request feedback and improving the customer experience, businesses can generate more reviews and utilize software to track every review coming from Google users.

Rexly Penaflorida II

Rexly is a Content Writer for ReviewTrackers. Prior to creating content that helps businesses, he was a tech and video games journalist for three years. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri's School of Journalism.


  1. AnnieLouJ12860

    So, if I don’t update my account frequently I will lose all the reviews that would be posted in meantime? That is so unfair! Maybe it is not updated as we don’t have time focusing on that part of the business. That seems harsh. Also, why would anyone mark their review as private? The main reason of leaving a review is to be seen by others. Why to remove, delete or place it as private?

  2. Jacob B.

    I for one am happy because at least someone is trying to get rid of all the spam on the internet. And, as far as I can see Google is the only one who actually gives a damn about the users.

    @AnnieLouJ12860 – So, what are you actually losing with this? You haven’t spent much time on it in the first place. If you can’t afford the time to maintain your business profiles on all possible platforms or if you can’t afford to employ someone to that for you – what’s the point of that page for you anyway? No one ever said that you have to have them all. Just focus on those that bring you most customers and manage those; let the other ones go. Problem solved – Google is happy, users/customers are happy and you can actually manage selected number of pages that mean the most for your business 🙂

  3. Mary Rose

    Very useful article. Luckily, my reviews haven’t disappeared but it’s useful to know how to prevent them. Google sometimes can be really difficult to understand and follow all their agreements.

  4. Jonah

    As you said, there are good chances that the reviews were spam, but it is not 100% true. Google+ held the right to delete any review they might think as a spam. So, they can delete every review under suspicion of being spams. That is not fair. This way they can manipulate with reviews and push some businesses down the abyss. Also, what is that policy of deleting posts containing links. Maybe a happy customer shared a link of a photo or video while they were shopping, visiting or using your service. I don’t like Google+ at all. Luckily there are plenty other review sites that are more friendly.

  5. Rosie

    Can anyone help as I’ve recently set up my Google places listing and a few of my clients have kindly done a review but only 1 is visible. My account is verified and promoted with pics and updates. Any advice would be fantastic. Thanks in advance x

  6. Shane Wolcansek

    You just saved me much panic and distress. I was able to get my reviews to reappear thanks to your help! I am a plumber and my reviews are what make us stand out from everyone else. Without them we noticed our call volume drop which got me digging into what could be causing it and sure enough, all our reviews had vanished. Thank you so very much for taking the time to write this article!

  7. Karen Ann

    Thanks! The wiggle got them back!

  8. Alex K

    Thank you for this excellent article!

  9. Jesse

    Google or someone else is removing business reviews by the thousands! I’ve seen it happen to two car dealerships I’d been to that had many negative reviews as well as a Dominos Pizza where I live that had many negative reviews there! ALL the Dominos reviews were removed! This Dominos had been in business well over six years, was not very popular. They currently have 10 reviews, 9 of them five star, a total joke! I don’t trust Google at all regarding their business reviews!

    • Me

      We are paid if our customers do a 5 star review for our dealership. The reviews are done and stay up for 4 days and then they are gone. WHY? This is costing me money. How do we get this fixed? Also the buisness gets to keep the 5 stars but the review is hid. What can I do to get this fixed?

  10. Ed

    We’ll there’s as much fake reviews on Google than there are real reviews, you can’t trust Google for reviews anyway as bad as Yelp is a fake review website too. Businesses either pay businesses to post fake reviews for them or they write their own pretending they are customers. Why doesn’t Google rewrite their business listings to filter out fake Google reviews? It would do everybody a big favor so we don’t have to be lied to about fake customers in my view.

  11. Ric

    I spoke with someone from Google today, they actually called me back after just 45mins of contacting them through the web enquiry.
    I had the issue where my first and only review was online for only a day or so and then disappeared from Googles search page. My business was still listed but there were no reviews or option to leave one. *However, you can still see the review and the leave a review option via Google Maps.
    When speaking to a representative, they said that they are aware of a glitch in the system and that they’re currently working on it and reassured that people could still leave a review via the Google+ page in the interim.
    So it looks like we’ll see a resolve some time soon, although I wasn’t given any timeframe.

  12. Deri Hughes

    I have a listing for my business linked to a map. I no longer want the advert to appear because reviews are not appropriate for my professional work (mental health). I have deleted my Google + page where the reviews and ad were linked to but the advert continues to appear. How do I get Google to remove the ad from my listing??

  13. Z

    I couldn’t get my business to show up on the map list. I contacted Google numerous of times, and every time they suggested I sign up for more services. They said, “I have to work on it daily”. Who in the hell has time to do this, when they own a business? Oh, they also delete reviews, if you have too many positive ones!?!?! Its a complete joke! Its like the BBB pay to play.

  14. Christopher Whalen

    I have a verified google my business, Chris Whalen, CPA, with a website shown as Recently I revamped my website, including a testimonials / reviews page and I wanted to mirror my google reviews there as well. I was told that having a verified business with google, reflecting the correct website, would stop google from believing there were duplicate reviews out there and so stop them from removing the duplicates on Google..

    But in the past 3 day since launch, I placed 14 of my reviews on my website and all them have been removed from Google, 116 down to 102. Am I correct to think that this should not have happened? Having a verified business on Google My Business?

    Thanks so much for your time. I didn’t know where else to turn.

  15. Clean Perth

    There is about 102 reviews shown in the “Manage Location” statistical record of my business google site. But only 96 is shown in the Google Map when people search for my business on google. Is there any reason why is this happening?

  16. Rosie Brooks

    Thanks, we have followed these instructions but the reviews that disappeared overnight are not back. About half of our reviews regularly disappear and we have to call the client and ask them to re-post which isn’t sustainable. Reviews are often there for some months before disappearing. AAAghg!

  17. Eran

    Is there a way for a business owner to delete reviews? Or to hide all revews? Or to disable revies alltogether? Is there a way to delete a business from google maps/business listing for good?

  18. Jeffy

    I am new to SEO and trying my best to understand with my small business(service). I constantly see people having issues with scam reviews or something of the sorts. I was trying to find ways around using google places or such. Maybe you can ease my mind to dive in.
    Also I hear a lot in creating blogs to stay relevant with new material to rank higher. Is this the only way of doing so? Someone I talked to said what Google is really looking at is being listed and fresh new content. Is this the best way to look at SEO?
    Like I said I have been reading a lot and trying to catch on, but make the right moves.

  19. Stevie O

    I have closed my google account as the business is no longer open. I received the confirmation email this evening. Do you know how long it takes for the profile to disappear from view? & does it also take the reviews with it? I’m quite happy for the whole thing to go – I just wondered how long it took, many thanks

  20. adele

    Yesterday was all fine. Today i came to my google plus account and all my pictures are gone, i have no header picture, my profile picture is just a letter, nothing. Also, when i click my profile picture in the top right hand corner it list my business page underneath so i can quickly go from one to the other but that has disappeared. Everything gone. I have had to set up a new business page but now i have no followers, had to input everything again and get it verified again. Very frustrating.
    I did delete my browser history, has that got anything to do with it, although i don’t see why as all my other social networks are fine?

  21. Paul.

    Thanks for this! Lost one of my reviews (we are a start up) but got myself verified again. Just took a wiggle. The IT equivalent of turn it off and on again. Thanks for your help!

  22. Richie

    Thanks for the article, for some reason on google my business the review button and preview of reviews have been removed last week. They can still get to it by google maps, but I’ve done nothing and cannot find any way to get it back having tried all your advice. There does not seem to be any way to contact google, do you know of an expert who could help me?

  23. Matt Conte

    Anyone know how to find a Google review written by someone else on a business that no longer exists?