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Are you managing your business’ online reviews on Facebook? Facebook Reviews allows customers of a Facebook-registered local business to leave feedback and ratings for the listed business.

To be clear, a Facebook review is not a Facebook comment or a Facebook tag with your business handle associated with it. A Facebook review has more permanent characteristics in terms of display, and will influence the aggregated star-rating score displayed on your business’s Facebook profile.

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Because Facebook’s main purpose in design is not review generation but instead engagement, you must make engagement your first priority, even when it comes to managing your Facebook Reviews. Let’s take a look at some common mistakes business owners make when they’re getting started with the ins and outs of Facebook Reviews.

You Can’t Get Reviews Unless Your Review Feature Is Active

The number of businesses that own less-than-optimized social media pages is surprisingly large. The fact is you can’t start accumulating Facebook Reviews unless you are set up to do it. The process is pretty straightforward.

How Do I Activate the Ratings and Reviews Feature on My Facebook Page?

To enable your Facebook followers and visitors to leave reviews on your Facebook profile, you’ll have to select Local Business as your page’s category and add your business address to your page. Please note that pages set up as brand pages at a national level cannot capture user reviews. You can choose your page’s category when you create a page; or, if you’ve already created one, you can change its category.

To change your page’s category to Local Business:

  • Select and click Settings at the top of your page.
  • Select and click Page Info in the left column.
  • Select and click
  • Select Local Businesses from the first dropdown menu, then select a more specific category (i.e., Restaurant/Cafe) from the second dropdown menu.
  • Click Save Changes.

To add your business address to your page:

  • Select and click Settings at the top of your page.
  • Select and click Page Info in the left column.
  • Select and click Address and enter your business address.
  • Click to check the box next to Show Map, Check-ins, and Star Ratings on the page.
  • Click Save Changes.

Remember that if you later change your page’s address, you won’t lose any existing ratings or reviews. This means there is no clean slate when relocating.

Be Responsive to Your Facebook Reviews

Getting caught up in the management of more popular review websites with higher review volume is tempting and quite common among small businesses. Don’t neglect your Facebook reviews by letting them sit unattended for a long time. The social nature of Facebook facilitates a deeper, more meaningful level of engagement with the reviewer that makes responsiveness even more important.

The fact is that you are on stage not only in front of the reviewer but also in front of your faithful Facebook followers. Treat reviewers as people who are ever-present and require ongoing customer care. If handled properly, a review can turn into a friendship, and a customer is likely to become a loyal advocate among his or her Facebook social network.

When Reviews Happen in the Comment Section, Redirect Your Reviewer  

Many of your customers might be tempted to leave a kudos note as a Facebook comment. Comments are fleeting and will soon get buried among other posts as time moves on. If you do receive a compliment, accept it graciously, be personable and intentional in posting a response, and ask the reviewer if he or she would consider doing a copy and paste to move the comment to the review section and give you a score for your services.

By adding new reviews, you will boost your aggregate score and improve your brand image among your Facebook followers, their networks, and anyone who happens to land on your Facebook profile while conducting a Web search.

Bank on the Intimacy and Directness of the Facebook Landscape

Facebook is relational, and if you are playing the game right, then your social media allows for a special directness and ongoing interaction with your customers that lends itself as a great setting to advocate for more reviews. Encourage your followers to leave reviews on other review pages by bragging about five-star reviews via a share. If you are focusing on growing your presence on a particular review website, then consider celebrating milestones on Facebook as a means to trigger additional engagement.

Managing Facebook Reviews: Mistakes Your Business May Be Making

There is no doubt that your review volume and overall lead generation on Facebook is likely to be smaller when compared to websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Don’t let that deter you from grabbing the bull by the horns and using Facebook Reviews to your advantage. By ensuring the highest level of engagement on Facebook, you boost your brand credibility among your followers who are, by virtue of their connection with your business, most likely to generate repeat business and advocate on your behalf. By cultivating these relationships you should be able to not only capture more reviews on Facebook but also encourage your most loyal followers to engage with other review websites such as Yelp, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, Google My Business and others.

Kevin Kent

Kevin is the Director of Finance and Operations at ReviewTrackers. Every day he finds creative ways to solve business owners' problems and identifies key issues to help them achieve top results.



    Since when did Facebook review became so important to business? I always thought that Facebook is only for hanging out and playing games, eventually finding some interesting facts or gossips. Up until now, I have not realized that managing your business on FB can be so important. Thanks for sharing this article with us Crystal.

    • AurorMine

      Considering how much people are hanging out on Facebook nowadays it was only a matter of time before somebody realized that marketing there could make the message spread really fast with little effort.