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Little by little Facebook has been morphing into an all-in-one platform designed to keep users engaged for as many hours as possible.

Facebook has become the fastest growing review platform.

On average, Facebook users are spending a little over fifteen hours each week engaging either passively or actively on the social network.

As it evolves, Facebook’s relevance for advertising and brand presence increases, and businesses – particularly brick-and-mortars – need to be proactive in engaging their customers.

Managing Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews is a feature that allows customers to provide online feedback and ratings.

If a business is already associated with and registered to a local address, it is very likely that the review and rating feature has automatically been turned on. It should be easy to spot. It is located at the top of the page, below the banner photo and usually next to the box that indicates the number of likes attributed to a business.

How to set up your Facebook Page to receive business reviews and ratings

If a local business page does not appear to have this feature and you, as the business owner, want to turn it on, the process is quite simple. First, make sure your business Facebook page is set up for Local Business; secondly, make sure you enter your address. Finally, select a category and save. This should activate the ability for your customers to leave a review.

Potential issues with shared address locations

While Facebook Reviews can be an excellent tool of engagement for local businesses, it is by no means a seamless process. Numerous businesses have encountered issues related to the map feature wherein online reviews corresponding to another business in the same location (a multi-store shopping center is a great example) may erroneously be featured on their Facebook page. The most effective way to tackle this problem is to create a ticket by contacting Facebook Tech here.

Can businesses respond to online reviews on Facebook?

This is probably one of the greatest shortcomings of Facebook Reviews. Businesses do not have the option to respond to reviews as the business; they also do not have effective means to moderate.

Basically, for a review to be removed, it must be in violation of Facebook’s content guidelines. Currently, the only paths a business owner may follow for managing a Facebook review is to “Like” it or report and/or mark the review as spam.

Sadly, this feature does not equip the business owner for direct engagement with the customer, and it also doesn’t remove the review from public visibility.

What can a business do about a negative Facebook review?

Obviously it is extremely important for SMB owners to track business reputation – especially on online review sites and social networks. However, the only current workaround available to local businesses to address a negative review is to fully remove the reviews feature from their Facebook Page.

The disadvantage in taking this action is that it will also remove any and all positive reviews the business might have accumulated throughout the years. Another problem is that this action will also remove from the Facebook Page the business’ association with a physical address.

If a business must absolutely remove the reviews button/tab, the steps are as follows:

  1. Head to Admin Panel
  2. Click on Edit Page
  3. Click on Edit Settings
  4. Go to Page Info
  5. Remove Your Address

Facebook is still identifying specific issues of engagement associated with reviews and ratings. Hopefully, the site will find ways to fix these issues.

In the meantime, your best policy is to monitor reviews frequently and take the necessary steps to maintain a positive environment for Facebook viewers.

Right now the volume of interaction with Facebook Reviews is still low and individuals often head directly to the comments section of a business’ Timeline to voice their needs and opinion.

Here, you’ll have more options for both interaction and moderation, while also having the advantage of the short life of display on the Timeline.

Brian Sparker

Brian Sparker is the Head of Content Marketing at ReviewTrackers. Brian aims to solve problems through carefully crafted content, with the goal of helping businesses collect and understand customer feedback.


  1. EllaineR

    With everything being as it is in regards to Facebook reviews, is it a better options for beginner businesses to turn off the reviews until they are sure that their customer base has a positive view of them, or should they just stick with it from the start and bear with the consequences?

  2. Jay Bird

    Having considered that Facebook is the most popular social network in the world and that millions of people use it every day, it may be one of the best places to make your business page in order to advertise it and to get closer to your clients.However, as you said, not being able to reply to reviews is a big drawback and is probably the most important reason why owners chose some far less popular websites rather than FB.

  3. Kevin A

    If you get a negative review on FB, there is nothing you can do. With all these scammers and fake review providers, your business can be ruined through FB sooner than you can possibly imagine. I would never use FB linked with my business, as the possibility that it will harm my business is very high.

  4. Cj

    What is the difference between a review and a rating? I can view my reviews, however I can’t seem to pull up my “ratings.” I’ve gotten several new notifications recently saying, “your page has 2 new ratings,” however I can’t find them anywhere – and no forum or article I’ve come across addresses this.

    Thanks in advance!

  5. mt

    Why you don’t set up a button for a customer to think twice before they post their comment. Sometime the way they think and not understanding the service could hurt the business a lot-

  6. Ln

    If they block you, their crap review of your business is still displayed… not leaving you ANY OPTIONS!! You can’t even report it!

  7. brandy teal

    I manage a restaurant and I would like to know if there is any way, to say after 1 year, old reviews are deleted or bumped. as of now, even though we are under new management,
    old negative post show up first . these posts sometimes are as far back as 3 years. with new and improved service it really hurts us because people don’t see the dates …