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Our online review monitoring startup, ReviewTrackers, is featured as an SMB Future Star at the BIA/Kelsey SMB Digital Marketing 2012 conference this week in Chicago – along with other early-stage companies developing the next big digital marketing solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Our fellow SMB Future Star LokalMotion is making its presence felt in Chicago, too. Headquartered in Centennial Colorado, the startup is built on passive discovery technology to deliver great deals, offers, and announcements to customers who are in the local neighborhood.

Recently we took the opportunity to get in touch with LokalMotion CEO and Founder Jim Wanek, who talked to us about how his new mobile marketing and social commerce platform connects merchants and small businesses with customers.

Tell us what your start-up is about.

LokalMotion is a mobile marketing platform that helps local businesses find new customers, get repeat customers, and measure return on investment. LokalMotion is built on passive discovery technology to deliver customers with great deals, offers, and announcements around the corner or down the street.

Merchants create Casts in real time with a unique redemption code and publish their casts to Facebook, Twitter, and LokalMotion users based on location, time of day, user type and even local temperature and weather conditions. A cast can be almost anything. Some users will cast a deal, offer, or special announcement for their store. Others will cast an event for their church, school, or non-profit organization. LokalMotion mobile users view merchant casts based on their proximity to a given store. Users can save casts to favorites and get unique redemption codes when they are in the store!

Where did the idea for LokalMotion come from? 

LokalMotion is built on patent pending Atmosgeo Targeting technology developed by Weabot, Inc. Weabot was originally developed by me (Jim Wanek) to serve mobile banner ads based on mobile user location, time of day, local temperature, and local weather conditions. Weabot is a mobile ad platform designed to support thousands or mobile publishers and thousands or advertisers. Rather than sell Weabot to mobile publishers, I decided to become a publisher and build the LokalMotion platform.

How does LokalMotion help drive the success of SMBs and merchants? 

With LokalMotion, merchants can create a mobile marketing campaign in minutes and publish to nearby customers in real time. Customers no longer need to purchase and print coupons. Redemption is managed using GPS at the point of sale. LokalMotion recently partnered with First Data to deliver Card Linked Casts. With Card Linked Casts, merchants can publish an offer, deal, or promotion, and merchant discounts are applied to customers’ credit cards.

What SMB problem/challenge is LokalMotion hoping to solve? 

With LokalMotion, merchants can find new customers, build repeat customers, and measure ROI.

Where and how can we connect with LokalMotion? 

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Read the LokalMotion Blog

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