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Engage with Travelers Before They Book with the New TripAdvisor Questions and Answers

One of the key triggers for negative reviews is expectations not met. The failure of a business to meet expectations can be attributed to three main reasons.

  • Reason No. 1: Poor communication on the part of the business when describing their products and services.
  • Reason No. 2: Failure on the part of a business to deliver the products or services they have offered through their marketing and advertising strategy.
  • Reason No. 3: Failure to meet expectations occurs when a business is not a good match to the inherent needs of a particular customer based on his or her sociological, cultural, or personal preferences.

The very core of customer service and reputation management is to find a healthy balance, where the right customer is paired with the right product or service, and he or she receives what is expected or more.

The new TripAdvisor Just for You customization is all about using big data to match customers with travel products that stand a superior chance of meeting or exceeding their expectations. Through analyzing the preferences of customers in search of selected and reviewed properties, TripAdvisor will now offer a way to deliver products and services that will be ad-hoc to the shopper’s needs. A hotel, restaurant, or entertainment venue that is aligned to preferred metrics based on past user interaction is twice as likely to be rated as satisfactory.

Why Curated Results Are Good for Revenue

The Just for You curated results will guide shoppers to properties based on prior interactions, such as places they have visited, scores given to venues, and other data available through their profiles. By providing customized results during the shopping and research process, TripAdvisor will more effectively connect customers with properties that are a great match as far as price point, features, and location.

Accurate matching is likely to create an environment more conducive to upsells and customer satisfaction, and will reduce the need for restaurants, hotels, and other travel services to rely exclusively on pricing and discount strategy to secure new customers. Additionally, through delivering increased customer satisfaction, travel businesses will not have to handle as many escalations related to satisfaction that require financial compensation or price adjustment to remedy customer complaints. The ability to sell at a better price and not rely on discounts, combined with reduced expenses associated with customer compensation, will significantly impact revenue potential for properties securing leads via the Just for You personalized results.

When it comes to accuracy in big data profiling business type matters. Here is our step-by-step guide to revise your business type on TripAdvisor.

Why Curated Results Are Good for Reputation

Most travel-related services represent a significant expense for consumers. Because of this, it is extremely important that travelers perceive a value relationship between the prices they paid and the services or goods they received in exchange.

By connecting travelers with hotels, tours, restaurants, and other tourism venues that are well-aligned with metrics of satisfaction recorded in prior reviews, hotels selected by the new TripAdvisor search algorithm stand a better chance of receiving high marks from customers that decide to book with them.

Because TripAdvisor offers businesses the option to encourage reviews from prior customers, businesses are in for a sweet deal when it comes to getting flawless or near-flawless feedback. The only thing left to do is ensure that the customer experience is consistent with what your venue has delivered in the past. There is no doubt that Just for You will positively benefit travel organizations focused on quality and consistency by connecting them to customers with preferences they are able to meet or exceed.

Why Curated Results Are Good for Customer Relationships

Finally, and most important to the long-term sustainability of any business, the TripAdvisor Just for You feature will foster and facilitate connections conducive to repeat business and customer loyalty. Travelers who are directed to facilities with high probability of exceeding their expectations will be more inclined to visit a venue repeatedly and become brand advocates among their social circles.

Why Curated Results Will Yield Better Leads with Better Results

By refining search results, TripAdvisor will connect travelers with properties that are attractive and relevant to their preferences and budget. Because the pool is reduced and the engagement model is more focused, businesses will see increased conversion from leads generated in the TripAdvisor platform.

If your business is travel and tourism focused, then it would be wise to keep a close eye on TripAdvisor, and begin measuring the effects of more refined search results in the overall number and quality of business leads coming your way. As the TripAdvisor database grows and customers begin to see it as a reliable source of customized recommendations, businesses will unquestionably begin reaping the benefits. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Take a moment to ensure your business has done everything needed to have a high-quality level of interaction with your TripAdvisor leads. We can’t wait to see how this implementation will benefit the travel industry as well as consumers.

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