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Increasing the online exposure of a law firm or individual lawyer can be difficult, but the process is getting easier with the help of online reviews.

Our own online review survey shows that the legal industry has the second-highest rated average star rating. These high ratings help other consumers who use the Internet to find their own lawyer. Specifically, about one-third of all legal consumers turn to online resources first to find information on attorneys.

This further emphasizes the fact that law firms and individual attorneys need to have an online listing presence and favorable customer reviews to attract more clients.

This guide will show you how to claim a firm’s listing on major review sites and break down the many reasons why it’s important to have individual lawyer profiles or websites.

Review Sites for Law Firms and Lawyers

We narrowed down the list to five major sites that are popular destinations for customers looking for legal help.

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Avvo


A Google My Business (GMB) account isn’t just for your local shops and restaurants. Many people use Google Search first to find a lawyer. In addition, An iLawyerMarketing study revealed that over 60 percent of the participants deemed Google reviews to be the most important source of third-party reviews.

If you don’t have a GMB account, you can always claim one with the help of our handy how-to guide. You can also check out our primer to learn more about Google My Business.


There’s more to Yelp than just another restaurant for you to check out. The popular platform also hosts listings for numerous non-restaurant businesses. At one point, it was even the most trusted website for lawyer reviews.

By having a Yelp listing in place, you make it easier for those who are already using the app or site to find a business that fits their needs. Use our claim guide to get started on your Yelp Business page. We also have a massive guide available that tells you everything you need to know about Yelp.


It’s becoming more obvious every year that Facebook is more than just a social media platform. Many businesses use it to connect to current and potential customers, and the legal industry is no exception.

In recent years, Facebook became the second-most popular review site, which is all the evidence you need to create a Facebook Page for a firm or individual attorney.


There are also lawyer-specific sites that are worth your time. Avvo is an obvious choice because of the fact that 97 percent of all lawyers in the U.s. are listed on the site. Clients can also use Avvo to ask and receive legal advice from of the many lawyers readily available on the site. Avvo itself says that there are a combined 12.9 million queries and answers on its site.

Learn more about the Avvo platform with our guide to claiming your own listing on the website.

Another useful website for lawyers and clients alike is, which has over two million lawyer listings. The people and firms on this list aren’t just from the United States; features listings from different countries as well.

Those with information with a partner will automatically get a listing on the site. Other firms or lawyers looking to claim a listing will need to pay for a Premium Lawyer Profile, which is featured above other general lawyer listings on the site. Other premium listing packages are also available.

The Importance of Reviews for Individual Lawyer Profiles or Websites

Chances are that most firms already have a presence in some or all of the sites above. However, any lawyer within a firm or one who has their own practice should also have their own individual profile for a number of reasons.

Highlight Your Specialties

In addition to name exposure, you should use your individual listing to showcase your specialties. This gives potential clients more information about the practice, but it also helps improve your SEO performance.

Each specialty acts as a specific keyword tied to your name. For instance, a probate attorney might want to highlight their expertise in wills and trusts. Incorporating those keywords and first-party reviews can bring higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

This can lead to…

Increased Traffic

Clients might not always look specifically for a firm’s name, but there’s a higher chance that they’ll look for a specific lawyer or specialty. Creating individual profiles (with highlighted specialties, of course) make it easier for people to find a lawyer that fits their needs.

The profile also serves as another portal to a firm’s site, which also helps the firm’s online exposure. More avenues to the firm results in more leads from new clients.

Lawyers with their own websites can get more traffic if their specialties are highlighted, but they should also bring attention to any first-party ratings or reviews (any reviews written directly on the website). Tagging them with review schema markup helps Google identify those reviews, which helps the site rank higher in SERPs.

Accurate Reviews

In some cases, customers might write a review of a firm that is more about their experience with a specific lawyer rather than the firm as a whole. If it’s a negative review, it can severely impact that business’ reputation. You can avoid this issue with individual lawyer profiles on the site.

Specifically, you can install third-party widget or plugins on profiles that allow people to rate and review their specific attorney. This makes it easier for customers to target their praise (or displeasure) to the right people. Those with their own websites can use the same widgets to generate the first-party reviews needed for schema markup.

Better Exposure for Junior Lawyers

All of the reasons above are a great way for new attorneys stand out from the firm’s influence or competing lawyers in the same field. A small clientele can grow with the right SEO implementation and junior lawyers with small reputations can increase their exposure with first-party reviews.

This eventually converts to increased site traffic and more exposure. From there, it’s all about providing the best service and asking for more reviews to keep a favorable online reputation.

Rexly Penaflorida II

Rexly is a Content Writer for ReviewTrackers. Prior to creating content that helps businesses, he was a tech and video games journalist for three years. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri's School of Journalism.


  1. Christina

    I’ve only had to work with a lawyer on one experience in my life. It didn’t work out so well. Perhaps next time I’ll look at some of these services.

  2. Patrick R

    You certainly do want to check the lawyer’s reviews before appointing him. What if he is all time loser and you don’t know that?

  3. Norman Nevelle

    It seems to me (but it may be just my opinion) that having these user review platforms is of greater importance for helping to make a decision which expert to use, than having these for restaurants. If it were just a restaurant that I’m looking for, I wouldn’t bother going online to see their reviews – I would just rely on word of mouth or some that is close to my place or some that serves my favourite food. It could only be helpful for the occasions when you have to plan ahead.

    But, if I’m a need of an expert on some field – I would definitely check the reviews.

  4. WilmaP

    These are some great tools. Tank you very much.

  5. KrisM77

    When I was appointing a lawyer I read dozens of reviews from large amount of websites but I would certainly recommend They are the best in many ways and I am completely satisfied with the services of my current lawyer.

  6. John

    I got a lawyer through a Camden County NJ lawyer referral service a couple of years ago and check with the NJ BBB. They basically told me he was in good standing. But what I did not know is that these services were useless to find a good lawyer. As long as the lawyer had a license to practice law, they advertised they name. They could careless about reprimands, etc. for legal ethical violations toward clients. Using this lawyer was a total disaster and cost a lot of money. I google his name and he is still doing the same thing to other clients. It is amazing what I found. Mark W. Ford of Gloucester City, NJ has numerous Legal Ethics violations. The NJ Attorney Disciplinary Board Report states that as of 2014: “Mark W. Ford – Censured on April 1, 2014 (217 N.J.251) for violating RPC 1.4(b) (failure to communicate with a client), RPC 1.4(c) (failure to explain a matter sufficiently to enable a client to make informed decisions about the representation), and RPC 1.5(b) (failure to communicate the basis or rate of the fee in writing). Christopher L. Soriano represented District IV and respondent was pro se. The respondent was previously disciplined: reprimanded in 1998; admonished in 2002; reprimanded in 2009; and censured in 2011.” And they missed a legal ethical violation from the 1980’s and Mark W. Ford’s license is Administratively Suspended in Pennsylvania. The April 2014 Attorney E-Newsletter for the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania even noted Mark W. Ford Ethical Misconduct. It stated “Supreme Court of New Jersey, in the case of Mark W. Ford, imposed a public censure on an attorney with four prior incidents of discipline – an admonition, two reprimands and a censure. The conduct at issue in his fifth case preceded the first censure, but the contrast between the approaches of the two courts is stark. Pennsylvania attorneys with multiple incidents of discipline on their records would not be wise to count on the same degree of leniency.”

  7. Sailboat

    I have posted reviews everywhere I can regarding the lack of help and honesty you will get from him. I’m not the only one completely unsatisfied and with good reasons. Your first initial visit, he will charm you, promise you the moon, and bc you are in pain and desperate he will take advantage of your trust and faith in him. He promised to help me with my appeal for my retirement free, as terms to taking on my case. He had 2 years to file a Finding of Fact to CalPers. Then later after refusing to speak to me I was forced to contact the bar for a complaint. His response to the bar was that he never promised add me no such thing. I have 30 days left until my appeal expires and I lose my earned industrial retirement. I get half the pay I’m entitled to bc of him. I still haven’t heard from him. Be careful whom you trust. It can cost you more than you know. Highly upset with him.

    • francesca

      I agree with you sailboat.. I was in same situation with my recent lawyer.. Tell you want you want to hear because you are in soo much pain.. In the end, after nearly 4 years and 2 major surgeries, My Lawyer AND Medical insurance received MORE compensation than I did.. I was not aware of a lien against my settlement until the last year and he advised me against going to trial.. Hopefully will Never need a lawyer again BUT Definitely doing my research next time.. .