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Review Management Guide for Lawyers, Legal Services Providers, and Legal Businesses

More than ever, online reviews are having a major impact on the decisions of people who are looking for lawyers and legal services.

Are you managing what your clients are saying on online review sites? You should be.

Just check out these stats:

  • Approximately 83 percent of people check lawyer reviews as the first step to finding an attorney.
  • 70 percent of clients are willing to go to an attorney in an inconvenient location if that attorney has better reviews and higher ratings than legal professionals who are closer to home.
  • Quality of service and years of experience (48 percent) are the two most important types of information for clients when reading online reviews of lawyers and law firms. Meanwhile, 38 percent agree that a professional’s overall rating is important information when looking for legal services. 

Where are clients leaving online reviews? 

With reviews having the potential to affect the reputation of your entire practice, firm, or organization, it’s important to invest in review management efforts and stay on top of what’s being said online by your clients. Here’s a list of sites to help you get started.


yelp review trackers
Yelp is the go-to site for restaurants and shopping, but it has its own category for lawyers, too – under “Professional Services.” In fact, according to research firm Software Advice, Yelp is the No. 1 consumer review site of choice for those who are hoping to choose lawyers.

You can follow this step-by-step guide on how to claim your business page on Yelp.

Google My Business

The world’s most popular search engine also happens to have a pretty extensive collection of lawyer reviews, as well as reviews of law firms and other businesses in the legal services industry. With a verified listing on Google, you can attract potential new clients, showcase your 5-star reputation on Google Search and Google Maps, manage your clients’ reviews, and use these reviews to improve your search (SEO) performance.

To get started with managing your business information on Google, you’ll need to sign up for a Google My Business account.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to claiming your listings.


Avvo is an online legal services marketplace with ratings, reviews, and disciplinary records for lawyers in every state, as well as lawyer-submitted legal guides. The site was founded in 2006, and it has since grown to have 7.6 million searchable legal questions and answers. According to the company, 97 percent of US lawyers use Avvo. So you definitely don’t want to be part of the 3 percent that gets left behind.

Creating or claiming your attorney listing on Avvo? Read this guide for information on how to do it.

Founded in 1998, provides consumers with legal information, and includes the ability to search for lawyer reviews by location or by area of law. The site collects both client ratings and peer ratings, which appear on every listing. According to the company, over 34 million people search for legal assistance and legal services on every year.

To create or manage your information on, register first as a user then use the site’s search box to find your individual attorney profile. Then, on your profile page, look for the “Edit This Profile” option to update your information.

Alternatively, you can sign up for the marketing solutions offered by LexisNexis, which powers the data on Solutions include legal profiles and advertising, website design, search engine promotions, social media and blog marketing, and lawyer ratings and review management.

Also, is part of the Martindale-Hubbell network, so if you would like to submit a profile or request some changes to your profile, you may visit

Martindale-Hubbell aims to include all US and Canadian lawyers in its network, so basic profiles come without charge. You’ll need to submit information such as: name, position, firm, street address, city/state/country, practice areas, education, year/state/province of first admission, ISLN number, and disclaimer copy.

Review management best practices 

Once you’ve successfully created or claimed your profile, it’s important to actively manage your online reviews in order to protect your reputation and attract potential new clients.

Here are a few best practices in review management:

Keep your listing up-to-date. Sometimes frustrated clients write negative reviews simply because your business information on major review sites is incorrect or out of date. You can’t let that happen. Having wrong local data is also a stumbling block for people who want to find out more information about your services. So, once you have claimed ownership of your listings, always make sure your info is correct, complete, and up-to-date.

Respond to reviews. Show clients that you value their feedback by responding to reviews, both good and bad. Actively responding also drives engagement, not only with the individual people who write the reviews, but also with those visit lawyer review sites to read them.

(Check out these great tips for responding to online reviews.) 

Encourage your clients to review you. One of the best ways to build a 5-star reputation is to simply ask for reviews from your happy clients. The savviest lawyers and legal services providers know that having positive reviews and high ratings is great social proof to let potential clients know that your existing clients already patronize you. (Also check out these 8 simple tips to help you generate more five-star reviews.)

Do you have other review management tactics that have worked for your firm? Share them by leaving a comment below.



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  1. Christina

    I’ve only had to work with a lawyer on one experience in my life. It didn’t work out so well. Perhaps next time I’ll look at some of these services.

  2. Patrick R

    You certainly do want to check the lawyer’s reviews before appointing him. What if he is all time loser and you don’t know that?

  3. Norman Nevelle

    It seems to me (but it may be just my opinion) that having these user review platforms is of greater importance for helping to make a decision which expert to use, than having these for restaurants. If it were just a restaurant that I’m looking for, I wouldn’t bother going online to see their reviews – I would just rely on word of mouth or some that is close to my place or some that serves my favourite food. It could only be helpful for the occasions when you have to plan ahead.

    But, if I’m a need of an expert on some field – I would definitely check the reviews.

  4. WilmaP

    These are some great tools. Tank you very much.

  5. KrisM77

    When I was appointing a lawyer I read dozens of reviews from large amount of websites but I would certainly recommend They are the best in many ways and I am completely satisfied with the services of my current lawyer.

  6. John

    I got a lawyer through a Camden County NJ lawyer referral service a couple of years ago and check with the NJ BBB. They basically told me he was in good standing. But what I did not know is that these services were useless to find a good lawyer. As long as the lawyer had a license to practice law, they advertised they name. They could careless about reprimands, etc. for legal ethical violations toward clients. Using this lawyer was a total disaster and cost a lot of money. I google his name and he is still doing the same thing to other clients. It is amazing what I found. Mark W. Ford of Gloucester City, NJ has numerous Legal Ethics violations. The NJ Attorney Disciplinary Board Report states that as of 2014: “Mark W. Ford – Censured on April 1, 2014 (217 N.J.251) for violating RPC 1.4(b) (failure to communicate with a client), RPC 1.4(c) (failure to explain a matter sufficiently to enable a client to make informed decisions about the representation), and RPC 1.5(b) (failure to communicate the basis or rate of the fee in writing). Christopher L. Soriano represented District IV and respondent was pro se. The respondent was previously disciplined: reprimanded in 1998; admonished in 2002; reprimanded in 2009; and censured in 2011.” And they missed a legal ethical violation from the 1980’s and Mark W. Ford’s license is Administratively Suspended in Pennsylvania. The April 2014 Attorney E-Newsletter for the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania even noted Mark W. Ford Ethical Misconduct. It stated “Supreme Court of New Jersey, in the case of Mark W. Ford, imposed a public censure on an attorney with four prior incidents of discipline – an admonition, two reprimands and a censure. The conduct at issue in his fifth case preceded the first censure, but the contrast between the approaches of the two courts is stark. Pennsylvania attorneys with multiple incidents of discipline on their records would not be wise to count on the same degree of leniency.”

  7. Sailboat

    I have posted reviews everywhere I can regarding the lack of help and honesty you will get from him. I’m not the only one completely unsatisfied and with good reasons. Your first initial visit, he will charm you, promise you the moon, and bc you are in pain and desperate he will take advantage of your trust and faith in him. He promised to help me with my appeal for my retirement free, as terms to taking on my case. He had 2 years to file a Finding of Fact to CalPers. Then later after refusing to speak to me I was forced to contact the bar for a complaint. His response to the bar was that he never promised add me no such thing. I have 30 days left until my appeal expires and I lose my earned industrial retirement. I get half the pay I’m entitled to bc of him. I still haven’t heard from him. Be careful whom you trust. It can cost you more than you know. Highly upset with him.

    • francesca

      I agree with you sailboat.. I was in same situation with my recent lawyer.. Tell you want you want to hear because you are in soo much pain.. In the end, after nearly 4 years and 2 major surgeries, My Lawyer AND Medical insurance received MORE compensation than I did.. I was not aware of a lien against my settlement until the last year and he advised me against going to trial.. Hopefully will Never need a lawyer again BUT Definitely doing my research next time.. .