Online reviews by your clients can be hazardous to your medical practice. 

That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye on the information being posted and shared about your plastic surgery practice – particularly on online review sites like Citysearch, Google+ Local,, Dr. Oogle, and Vitals, among many others. These plastic surgeon reviews can either help or harm your reputation, and in turn determine how successful your practice becomes.

Working closely with plastic surgeons, doctors, and other medical professionals, we developed ReviewTrackers, a plastic surgeon review monitoring platform to help you listen closely and respond promptly to client reviews. That way, you can avoid blemishes on your online reputation and promote your plastic surgery practice in the best possible light.

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Why monitor plastic surgeon reviews?

All your clients will have an opinion – positive or negative – on their experience with you. In the age of social media, these opinions can readily and instantly be posted and shared across a wide variety of online review sites, business listings, and social networks. To prevent this sort of information from damaging your reputation – and your practice – it’s critical to regularly monitor plastic surgery reviews and stay on top of what people are saying about you.

Plastic Surgeon Review Monitoring

Timely notifications. You don’t have enough time to sit behind a desk and monitor multiple review sites one by one? No worries. With ReviewTrackers, we’ll take care of watching the Internet for you. Once you get a new plastic surgeon review, we’ll let you know by sending timely notifications straight to your inbox.

Simplified review management. Tracking and managing plastic surgeon reviews shouldn’t be so complicated. That’s why we created a simple, easy-to-use platform that allows you to collect, view, and manage all your reviews using one Web-based dashboard.

Response options. There’ll be times when you have to respond to online reviews and tell your side of the story. (Or maybe you just want to thank a client for his/her kind words.) That’s why we designed ReviewTrackers to include response options, as well as direct links to the review websites where people are talking about you.

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Achieve a beautiful reputation on the Web. Discover how our plastic surgeon review monitoring platform works by visiting the ReviewTrackers Tour page. If you have any questions, or need help on getting started, feel free to contact us or call (866) 854-7670. We look forward to hearing from you!