Online reviews have a direct impact on your business, regardless of whether you’re running the local neighborhood cafe or managing a cafe chain with multiple locations.

That’s right: whether you like it or not, customers are talking about how great (or not-so-great) your coffee shop is. And whether it’s fair or not, they’re writing reviews and posting comments and sharing their experiences on the Internet for all the world to see.

That’s why it’s critical for you to regularly monitor online cafe reviews on sites like Google+ Local, Foursquare, Zagat, OpenTable, and Zomato, among many others.

Because we know you may not have enough time to do that – you’ve got to keep the coffee, tea, cakes, and pastries coming, after all – we created ReviewTrackers, an online cafe review monitoring platform to help you stay on top of what customers are saying.

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Coffee Shops and Cafe Review Monitoring

You can maintain a glowing reputation online and minimize the impact that negative cafe reviews have on your business. You’ve just got to make sure that you’re listening closely and responding promptly to these reviews.

This is where ReviewTrackers comes in: with expert help, proprietary technology, and excellent support, you can manage all online reviews of your cafe or coffee shop – from one central location. And we’ll help you get the job done, no matter how many cafe branches and business locations you’re managing.

(We monitor restaurant reviews, too!)

ReviewTrackers Features

Get timely notifications. You’ll never again miss an online review of your cafe or coffee shop. We send notifications straight to your inbox, so you know immediately when a customer has said or posted something on the Internet about your business.

Centralize everything. Spare yourself the hassle of having to track multiple review sites. With ReviewTrackers, you can manage and monitor cafe reviews from one location: your online user dashboard, accessible 24/7 from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Track multiple locations. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. No matter how many locations you have, we’ll monitor reviews of all your cafes. That way, you can track the performance of each location and easily identify customer issues that need to be resolved.

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