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Attract more customers

When choosing a new insurance agent, 61.7 percent of customers said reviews are influential or highly influential.


Take control of your reputation

4 out of 10 insurance customers read and base their buying decisions on online reviews.


Improve your star rating

Asking for reviews results in higher star ratings (4.3 stars) than organic reviews (3.9 stars).

“When I first saw ReviewTrackers and what it could do, that was
my biggest, ”Aha! This is going to make it easier for me.”
Josh Feyen
American Family Insurance

Engage with customers where it matters

Our annual online review and local search survey found that 61.7 percent of consumers rated reviews as one of the most influential factors when choosing a local insurance agent. Consumers actually said that online reviews for insurance agents were more important than for restaurants or local banks.

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Track and respond to reviews faster

ReviewTrackers provides visibility into all of your agents and brokerages by helping you find hidden issues at branches, the claims process, or other areas of the customer life cycle.
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Rank higher in local insurance SEO

Google prioritizes brands with high online ratings in local search results. In fact, the importance of review signals in online local search results increased almost 22 percent from 2015 to 2017.
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Get meaningful customer experience data

Online reviews are a valuable source of real-time, candid customer feedback for insurance agents. ReviewTrackers measures client satisfaction, monitors online reviews and feedback, and helps insurance organizations improve the quality of customer relationships.
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