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Last week, NewMediaRockstars described how video site YouTube is fast becoming an online source for food reviews. (Yelp what?) And for reasons that aren’t surprising, too: apart from the fact that online video is a lot more visually informative than the text content of online reviews, food-reviewing YouTube users are also giving audiences entertaining play-by-play commentary on what they’re eating – all while gaining traction for their readiness to be remixed.

(“Tell me,” wrote NMR author Ed Carrasco, “how many Yelp reviews do you know of that have been turned into iTunes singles?”)

How Online Video Content and Reviews Influence Apparel Shoppers

It’s not just restaurant owners and fast food joints that might have to head over to YouTube to track online reviews, though. Retail stores, manufacturers, apparel shops, and fashion designers will also have to pay close attention to online video sites, where – according to a research study by Google and Compete – an increasing number of shoppers are going to find information, conduct product research, and make purchase decisions.

Entitled “The Role of Mobile and Video in the Apparel Shopper Digital Path to Purchase,” Google and Compete’s study showed that 40 percent of apparel shoppers visited a store or retailer website as a result of watching online apparel videos. Moreover, 31 percent of videos being watched by these shoppers are on YouTube.

What kind of videos, you ask? Many types, including customer testimonials and reviews, e-mail marketing videos, professional reviews, video ads, and consumer-generated videos – with 1 out of 5 videos discovered via search.


More and more people are also conducting YouTube searches to find information on certain manufacturers and apparel categories, as shown below:

Integrating Online Video to Your Mix

These aren’t people who sit around all day watching videos of cute cats or funny babies, either. According to the study, video watchers are heavy purchasers, and thus represent a valuable segment for apparel stores, manufacturers, and retailers: 34 percent are encouraged to purchase after watching an online video ad; 25 percent have purchased more than 6 times on apparel in the past six months; and 28 percent have spent more than $500 on apparel in the past six months.

These numbers go to show that apart from tracking online reviews on YouTube, businesses and marketers in the apparel industry will also do well to create their own video content and incorporate this into their marketing mix.

“Video is an asset that a retailer can use in many places—on the site, social and mobile channels, in-store and in e-mail,” said Invodo marketing VP Russ Somers in a related eMarketer report. “Making full use of existing video assets is the high-return, low-investment option that retailers may miss.”

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  1. AnnieLouJ12860

    I remember watching a clip on youtube – two silly girls showing the wrong way of doing a Brazilian bikini wax, lol. They were so silly and interesting and funny; they were also from Australia, a bit far away from the US, but I’m sure that their business is absolutely thriving. If I’m ever in Australia, I’ll make sure to pay them a visit 😛
    That’s one way to advertise your business on youtube lol

  2. spameater

    I think that video reviews are better than written. It’s harder to lie in front of the camera. Watchers can see if you are laying about restaurant’s hygiene or food.