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Converting Visitors into Customers: Yelp Launches ‘Call to Action’ Feature

Less than a couple of months ago, we caught wind that Yelp was set to introduce a new feature: specifically, the ability to add video reviews of a business. This week, the popular online review site officially launched the feature, making it possible for Yelpers to contribute review content, in the form of short videos, using their mobile devices.

According to Yelp mobile product manager Mabhu Prabaker, videos allow Yelpers to “show off aspects like ambiance, lighting, noise level, and other features of local businesses not easily captured by photographs. These short videos are great for conveying the atmosphere of a business, which helps others anticipate their experience before stopping by.”

Yelp’s newest feature is now available to users around the world. The clips can be from 3 seconds long or up to 12 seconds long, which should be long enough to convey a local business’ space and size and other aspects that can’t always be effectively communicated using words or still images. Just in case you’re curious, the videos are powered by Brightcove, a Boston-based provider of cloud services for video. (You can check out sample videos here.)

“Photos are a great way to add a visual element to your reviews,” added Prabaker.  and Yelpers upload more than 23,000 of them from their mobile apps alone per day. We also know visuals are important to Yelpers since they spend 2.5 times longer on business pages with images than on those without. Now, using your iPhone (and soon Android) Yelp app, you can take short, 3-12 second videos of your favorite local businesses and better capture those details that photos alone can’t.

Videos on Yelp could introduce interesting new ways for your business to be noticed by potential customers, since they add another visual element to the Yelp experience. Photos are already generating unique opportunities for Yelp-listed businesses: in fact, people searching Yelp for great local businesses spend 2.5 times more time on a business page with photos than on a page without photos.

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