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Hoteliers Show Some Love for TripAdvisor’s Business Listings

If you’re managing a hotel, getting listed on popular travel review site TripAdvisor should be a priority. You probably already know that. Sometimes, though, getting listed isn’t enough to drive bookings – and you have to look for creative new ways to gain a competitive advantage.

Here’s one such way: signing up for TripAdvisor Business Listings.

So, okay: it’s a paid service that allows users to do extra stuff on TripAdvisor, like posting special offers, having your own analytics-heavy Property Dashboard, posting special announcements, and reaching the mobile audience. We understand that smaller hotels and properties may not always have the budget to pay for such a service. But if you, as a hotelier, are looking to invest in some new marketing resources to increase your exposure and get better results, TripAdvisor Business Listings may be worth your consideration.

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Let’s listen in on a couple of hoteliers who are showing some love for Business Listings. Even if you yourself decide not to subscribe to the premium service, we hope you’ll still gain some important insights from what they have to say.

Hansar Bangkok 

Hansar Bangkok is a five-star luxury hotel in Thailand that’s subscribed to TripAdvisor Business Listings. In a study conducted by Forrester Research, the online review site’s service has helped the hotel receive bookings without the commission charged by online travel agencies, which averaged around 20 percent of a hotel’s average daily rate. Furthermore, Hansar had an enhanced TripAdvisor page, displaying a live link to its official website and E-mail address to a more engaged audience. Why? It can’t be quantified, but the page simply looked more visually appealing.

The hotel was also able to achieve the following: generate $82 in incremental bookings for every $1 spent, get their return on investment within one month, and record incremental booked revenue of $427,531 over 3 years. 

“Our investment in TripAdvisor’s Business Listings has really proven itself,” said Mark Shrives, Director of Sales and Marketing, Hansar Bangkok. “I think it’s the lowest-cost channel and has the best return on investment. We get unlimited clicks, calls, and E-mails. TripAdvisor’s Business Listings allows Hansar Bangkok hotel to compete more effectively with the other five-star ‘branded’ luxury hotels.”

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The Ayres Hotel Collection 

The Ayres is a group of boutique hotels in Southern California, and the company has been subscribed to TripAdvisor Business Listings since 2010. Since then, the hotels have used analytics software to track calls and click-throughs on its Business Listings contact details page. Just doing this has allowed the Ayres Hotel Collection to generate approximately 1,025 bookings a year through website click-throughs. Also, the company earns $16.43 for every dollar it spends on TripAdvisor’s service.

Thanks to increased visibility, Ayres Hotels also appeared 12 times in TripAdvisor’s monthly newsletter called TripWatch – which enabled the company to reach customers who were just shopping around, and thus weren’t necessarily loyal to a particular property or brand.

Said Matt Hildebrant, Director of Revenue and Marketing at Ayres Hotels: “The ROI from enrolling Ayres Hotel Anaheim alone justified enrolling our entire collection of hotels with Business Listings. During the two years the entire collection has been enrolled, the ROI has been so great that we’ve stopped tracking click-throughs as closely. We know we’re getting a great return on our investment.”

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    The more you spend the more you gain. It was like that from the beginning of time. You must work on providing best quality listings if you want to beat the bank. A simple rule that is working for a long time and it will never stop working. Pay to earn, as simple as that. You get what you payed for