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A Guide for Senior Housing Facilities: How to Get Positive Online Reviews When Your Business Is Not Review-Conducive

Unlike restaurants, hotels, and other recreational venues, senior housing administrators and marketers are faced with endless challenges when it comes to generating positive online reviews.

There are many root causes for this problem, from the lack of computer literacy on the part of the population they serve to the discomfort relatives might have about speaking positively about a service that is directly associated with a vulnerable stage in life.

But these same relatives most likely resorted to Internet searches and online reviews when deciding on the most suitable facility for their family member. Which is why generating online reviews has become a priority for facilities for senior housing, transitional, and long-term assisted living. All face the same predicament: reviews are indispensable for the survival and growth of business, but are difficult to obtain.

If you are trapped in this marketing dilemma, we have a few tried and true tips to help you trigger coveted, positive reviews directly from the people you serve, as well as their families.

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Establish review management protocols

One of the most immediate and impactful implementations you can make in order to become more review-conducive is to make it a point to manage your online reviews. A tool like ReviewTrackers provides you with easy-to-access tools (like the Review Request service) to help you collect, analyze, and generate reviews on the most relevant review sites.

Your reviews are served in a usable format with a meaningful and actionable scorecard. Easy access to your reviews in real-time will allow you to respond to and engage with your reviewers, and assess your business processes against the opinions of those who matter most. Facilities with review profiles that contain two-way engagement benefit from a snowball effect, and receive more reviews than competitors not currently addressing their reviewers in a personal and customer-centric fashion.

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Harbor a culture of hospitality in healthcare 

While your primary duty is to your residents’ health and safety, there are satellite behaviors and practices that can make your senior living facility stand out and garner additional positive reviews. Incorporate principles of hospitality used by the best five-star hotels and resorts in both employee behavior and facility management. Make your senior facility something worthy of bragging about. Social activities, comfort amenities, and even culinary services should be structured around delivering review-worthy excellence.

Computer education and literacy

Many senior living facilities offer computer literacy centers and classes aimed at helping residents stay mentally sharp and connected with their families via social media. If your facility already has superior online reviews on many of the most relevant and popular sites, share these reviews with your residents, and make it a point to teach them how to write reviews as part of the curriculum.

It may just be the right tool to help them express their opinions and voice their gratitude. For many senior citizens, finding their Web voice is empowering. By showing your residents how to take advantage of these resources, you are likely to facilitate a win-win for all.

Include accolades

If you are fortunate enough to already have a few high-scoring reviews, consider including your reviews in newsletters to executors, family members, or in printed media and brochures aimed at promoting your senior living facility.

By including accolades as displayed on review sites on other media, you increase the probability of recall and engagement from all involved in the care and quality of life of your residents.

Go the extra mile

Reward your employees for doing things for your residents above and beyond their call of duty. Delight your residents with deep appreciation and enthusiasm, and make their family members part of the superior experience. It is hard to remain silent when service is worthy of a shout-out.

With the right attitude and the right tools in place, your senior housing facility should easily and quickly rise to the top, and gain traction on today’s most popular review sites.

Kevin Kent

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