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In this ever-evolving digital age, everyone is a critic. From Facebook to Twitter, from Google to your website, customers will seize any opportunity they can find to voice their opinions and feedback to anyone who will listen.

Is your business one of them?

Your Customers Want to Be Heard

“When a customer engages with a brand, they hope to be heard,” says Aaron Pedersen, the co-founder and CEO of DevelopmentArc, the parent company of guest recovery platform Pedanco.

But, as he further explained, it’s not just about hearing the customer. Your business needs to be ready and willing to respond when a customer speaks. Take the example of Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ, a client of Pedanco:

Awhile back, one of Lucille’s Las Vegas customers left a negative review online. The owner of the location received the feedback and swiftly responded to it.

“Not only did they get back to the customer, but they listened to the feedback and criticism, and walked away with action items to be addressed,” Pedersen says.

It was because of the owner’s immediate and sincere response to the complaint that Lucille’s was able to retain the customer’s business. In fact, after returning for a second time, the customer raved about Lucille’s BBQ in multiple Facebook posts.

And this is why the team at Pedanco does what it does. Their platform enables businesses to accept any type of feedback, from anywhere (even while the customer is still on the premises). Further, the Pedanco platform specializes in the guest recovery piece.

Pedersen elaborated:

“Guest recovery starts by identifying a negative experience and reaching out to the guest to resolve it. It’s when a business convinces the customer to return to the restaurant and then give it another try that the process is completed.”

With the help of ReviewTrackers, a trusted partner for collecting feedback, the Pedanco platform creates new opportunities for business owners and managers to take negative customer experiences and flip them around. As we’ve seen in the case of Lucille’s, it’s not just about saying “I’m sorry,” it’s about retaining that customer’s loyalty no matter how negative the original experience.

Why Your Business Can’t Hide from Customer Feedback

Pedersen predicts that the number of feedback platforms available to your customers will only increase in the future.

“The guest will have more and more options to provide feedback and to voice their pleasure or their feelings about that brand or that experience,” he says. “We’re already seeing people use chatbots and apps. Guests are going to expect feedback platforms within each of those devices, so it’s going to be really important for these companies to listen to those and act upon them.”

According to the 2018 ReviewTrackers Online Reviews Survey, 63.6 percent of consumers will look at online reviews on Google before visiting a business, which is more than any other review site. Reviews also provide businesses with insights into the customer experience. You need to be everywhere that your customers are – listening, waiting, and ready to respond to their feedback and reviews as soon as they share them.

Megan Wenzl

Megan is the Associate Editor for ReviewTrackers. She's a writer who is committed to finding useful information to help your business succeed. Megan holds an M.A. in journalism from Columbia College Chicago.


  1. Clyde S. Anderson

    Very useful article for all the business people to make their customers happy. Success of every business depends on customers and maintaining a good relationship with them. Every businessperson must follow these ways to achieve good results.

  2. Samantha

    This is why it is so important to respond to reviews whether they are positive or negative. People want to know that they are appreciated as customers and if they left negative feedback they want to know that there is something being done to solve the issue. People just appreciate that they are listened to.