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Google Says Travelers Love Watching Online Videos

Are you a hotel or hospitality executive? If you’re looking for new ways to enhance your business’ online visibility and attract travelers, the latest findings from search engine giant Google’s Traveler Study should give you more than a few good ideas.

One of the main takeaways from the Google study is that travelers / travel shoppers – your potential guests – love video. And this is changing the way businesses across the industry do travel and hotel marketing.

It’s reasonable to assume that increased Internet bandwidth and speed – plus the availability of videos on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets – have enabled better, higher-quality videos. Which is why consumers are watching online more than ever. In fact, 51 percent of leisure travelers and 69 percent of business travelers watch online travel videos as part of their travel-planning and decision-making process.

Check out other highlights from Google’s study:

  • Consumers today are focused on finding the best value before finalizing their purchase decisions. In fact, over 60 percent of leisure travelers turn to the Internet for travel-planning inspiration – watching videos, reading hotel reviews, making price comparisons, and searching for important business information.
  • Travelers watch different types of videos. Sure, 62 percent of videos watched by travelers are made by hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and other travel companies. But people are also researching travel information by watching online reviews made by experts (59 percent) and other travelers and guests (55 percent).
  • Video is inspiring. 66 percent of business travelers say that they are inspired to think about or plan a vacation right after watching a travel video; the percentage for leisure travelers is not far behind at 60 percent. Moreover, 64 and 58 percent, respectively, say that the online travel video or video review they watched eventually influenced where they decided to travel or stay.  
  • 48 percent of business travelers – and 40 percent of leisure travelers – love producing their own travel videos, too. Thanks to the technology available today (smartphones, apps, tablets, cameras, and video software), they’re able to film their travels, create their own high-definition content, and share their videos across their social networks.

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Migs Bassig

Migs is the Content Manager for ReviewTrackers. He's a creative writer who has helped numerous companies communicate more effectively online, and he loves sharing his local marketing knowledge to help brands and business succeed.


  1. Hans Anders

    Yes, but then I expect everything to be perfect. Sometimes it’s better to be surprised.

  2. Roshaun Philips

    Not all of the videos are describing the place as it is. 100% of the videos are skipping the negative parts of the destination, so I really don’t know who is deciding to visit a place seen only on video. I think comments and user experience is more valuable when it comes to deciding the trip location.

  3. nealcal

    Not only travelers, but most of people love to watch videos, that are describing places. I love checking places and imagining how it would be to go there for a holiday. It would not be crucial when it comes to deciding where to spend my holiday, but for sure it would be greatly beneficial.

  4. Tammyexperiments

    After reading this, I will consider starting a vlog business. If people like to watch videos of places they tend to travel it’s good idea to make high quality videos and earn from youtube.

  5. Hollaback Will

    Why not? If there are videos to watch while finding a travel destination or hotel, etc. why not watch it!? Can’t hurt. I love watching videos even when i’m not planing to travel. It’s a nice way to find out about some new interesting places.

  6. Amanda Eicher

    It is important for your business to create the best possible image for itself online. Travelers want to have an idea of what they will be paying for on their vacation. Videos are a great way to show a large part of your business and give your customers a more immersive perspective of what they can expect from their trip