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Welcome to This Week In Reviews, a weekly digest of the most important stories about online reviews, customer feedback, and customer experience. This week: Google’s Map Maker shutdown should concern businesses and Skift releases its 2017 hospitality trends.

Google is officially shutting down Map Maker in March 2017 in an effort to prevent problems like the one that occurred in 2015 involving racism.

But the real news comes from Joy Hawkins at Search Engine Land. She writes that the shutdown of Map Maker will make it more difficult to track down spammers because they can just use Google Maps’ “suggest an edit” feature to make edits to business listings.

With Google Maps, there is no way for businesses to see the types of edits that the user has made – only Google can see this. It’s easier for businesses to track down and report the spammer on Map Maker because the user’s edit history shows their username, along with what other edits they’ve made.

On top of this analysis, the insurance industry should especially be on alert for spam edits on Google Maps. This industry gets lots of spam edits, Hawkins writes.

These Trends Will Shape Guest Experience at Hotels in 2017, According to Skift 

1. Co-living is predicted to be a significant trend in the hospitality industry. This trend will focus on community and collaboration.

2. Detailed design will be another trend in 2017. It’s what guests will expect.

3. Hotels should offer experiences outside the actual hotel to provide a well-rounded guest experience.

Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong. – Donald Porter 

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