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Google+ Local Opens Up Listings for Multi-Department Business Locations

Have you ever run into a snag while claiming your business listings on Google+ Local?

Don’t worry. You’re not the first. Sometimes, you just can’t get listed. Say, you’re a lawyer and your office is part of a law firm with many other lawyers. Or you’re a real estate agent and you’re listed under one firm, with a bunch of other agents. Or you’re a doctor who shuffles throughout the day from one clinic or hospital to another. In such cases, it becomes more complicated to claim listings simply because of the very nature of your profession or practice.

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But we’ve got great news for you. Google+ Local has updated its platform to open up listings to multi-department business locations. The quality guidelines for the search engine’s reviews aggregator and recommendation service have now been revised to include:

  • Businesses with multiple departments, such as universities, law offices, hospitals, real estate firms, and government buildings, among others;
  • Businesses and professionals that operate in a service area (as opposed to a single location). 

Basically, what this means is that you – as an individual practitioner or business owner – can now get listed on Google+ Local. As long as you designate your service areas, have your own customer entrance, or use your own phone number, you can now have a Google+ Local listing that’s separate from other practitioners, professionals, and businesses that happen to be listed in the same location.

According to digital marketing agency Be Found Online, this new update “brings a lot of search optimization opportunities, since (local business owners or professionals) no longer need to optimize one profile for every category, subcategory, and keyword.”

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It’s also going to help businesses and professionals stand out and gain greater visibility online – instead of having their profiles, ratings, and reviews aggregated in one listing, along with that of their neighboring colleagues.

The neurosurgeon in XXX hospital or medical facility, for example, can now create or claim a listing that’s separate from the clinical psychologist who works in the same wing. Same goes for real estate agents or lawyers who serve a different set of clients from counterparts who happen to have the same office address.

Even universities can benefit from the update, too. “(It) doesn’t get any more complex than a university with dozens of schools, departments and facilities,” wrote Be Found Online’s Dan Golden. “Now, each department and facility can have its own profile.”

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