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Among many other things it does, Google provides people with information about businesses. This info is spread across a bunch of Google products, including Search, Maps, AdWords, the social network Google+, and the review and ratings aggregator Google+ Local.

If you’re a business owner trying to manage your online presence, we understand how tough it could be to handle all these Google sites and platforms. This is not to mention the challenge of having to track online reviews on Google while keeping abreast of all the changes and updates that the company regularly makes on things like maps, rating systems, local business listings, and what-have-you. (See: “Google Overhauls Maps, Introduces New Rating System for Businesses”)

Well, here’s a bit of good news: Google has finally introduced a new Google+ Dashboard for unifying all your management efforts on their sites where people may find information about your business. The release of the new dashboard – which was announced by Google’s Pavni Diwanji – means that you’ll now have a central place for managing your business’ daily online activities across Google.

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This includes updating your local business data (website URL, store hours, phone numbers, address); posting updates, news, photos, and videos; checking data, insights, and analytics (such as finding the words people type to search for your business); gaining access to Google AdWords Express and Offers campaigns; keeping track of notifications; and managing and monitoring online reviews, notifications, and other similar activities.

The dashboard also gives you insights about top locations requesting driving directions as well as performance data for Google+ posts.

“We want to make it easier to manage your online presence – all across Google – so today we’re getting started with (the new) Google+ Dashboard,” said Diwanji. “To start using Google+ Dashboard, simply sign in to Google+ as your page, then click the ‘Dashboard’ icon in the navigation menu.”

The new dashboard should work for all business owners using Google+, which, it bears noting, was recognized recently as the second most popular social network – next only to Facebook – in terms of number of users.

Here are some screenshots of the new Google+ Dashboard. Have a look!

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