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Google+ Local: Google Announces New Review and Recommendation Service

Welcome to This Week In Reviews, a weekly digest of the most important stories about online reviews, customer feedback, and customer experience. This week: Google plans to separate its mobile and desktop index, Facebook introduces new features, and Yelp helps to eliminate long wait times at restaurants.

Google Will Soon Have Separate Index For Mobile

In order to provide search results that are relevant to users using mobile devices, Google will soon have a mobile index that is separate from its desktop index, according to Search Engine Land.

The mobile index will be Google’s main index. The desktop index will be maintained but will not be as current as the mobile index.

Reviews will now play an even more important role in mobile search than before because online reviews help with local SEO.

Facebook Rolls Out New Features

Facebook is introducing features to help users find information easier on its app, according to a blog post by the company. When a user writes a post looking for a local service or place, such as a restaurant or salon, they will now be able to see their friend’s suggestions mapped out and saved.

Once a user has found what they are looking for, they can now order food from the restaurant’s Facebook page. They can also request an appointment and will receive a confirmation message through Facebook’s messaging app.

These features make online feedback and word of mouth even more important on Facebook.

Yelp Eliminates Long Waits

Yelp has partnered with Nowait, an app that lets users add their name to a restaurant’s wait list without actually going to the restaurant, according to Eater.

Users can now go to Yelp’s mobile app, browse restaurants and find wait times based on factors including the maximum amount of time a guest is waiting to get seated.

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