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Watch out, Yelp and TripAdvisor. Local search and discovery service Foursquare is upping its recommendation game.

Enhanced personalization, Uber integration

As part of its latest updates, the app has been given a fresh new makeover to enhance the personalization of place recommendations, based not only on users’ locations, but also on their recent history and activity.

Moreover, Foursquare’s home screen is now serving up information on trending spots in the neighborhood, as well as the types of places that the neighborhood might be known for – say, the best pizza places in town if a user is in Chicago, or delicious brunch spots in West Village in New York.

Foursquare also recently announced its new integration with ride-hailing service Uber. Now, there’s a “Ride there with Uber” button that will appear after a Foursquare user discovers a great restaurant, shop or bar – with one tap, users can summon Uber drivers and hail a ride.

Essentially, Foursquare is further developing its ability to tell consumers where to go, and to provide transportation options for getting there.

“The hope is that making it easier to visit a place recommended by Foursquare will give people a reason to continue using the discovery service,” wrote Nathaniel Mott of PandoDaily in an analysis. “It could also help Foursquare show business owners – the people who actually pay for its service – that it can still convince people to visit their establishments.”

Positive customer feedback = better sales

This is obviously great news for Foursquare-listed local business owners with positive customer feedback and excellent online reviews and ratings. With a great online reputation, you can more effectively leverage Foursquare’s platform to improve your visibility (especially among mobile users), attract more customers, and drive sales.

According to the latest research, 1 in 3 restaurant-goers wouldn’t eat in a restaurant with an average rating that falls below 4 stars. Also, 78 percent of American consumers check reviews and ratings before making a purchase decision.

That’s why it’s so important for business owners – on Foursquare as well as other local discovery platforms and review sites – to monitor their reputation online and manage customer feedback in ways that make the business more discoverable and attractive to potential customers.

Haven’t claimed your business listing on Foursquare yet? Check out our guide to claiming your Foursquare listing.

Migs Bassig

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  1. NicMoon

    I read an article the other day about Uber drivers getting attacked and vandalized by jealous taxi drivers.

    • Benito Salvatore

      Yes most of them just key each others cars and smash side mirrors.

  2. Cristina Dy

    Foursquare is a great app and I really liked the updates.

  3. Lisa Burner

    This updated integration on Foursquare is excellent. I will never ever again you a taxi. I am sick of the yellow cab’s.

  4. Jacob B.

    Wow, Foursuare now is talking to its users. Now it is seamless to travel for foursquare users.

  5. Jacob B.

    Foursquare already has the amex which form the cashless wallet, and now uber. Nice going i say.