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A business with locations in Grand Rapids, Michigan and El Paso, Texas, is dealing with two very different markets – one is located in the Midwest with a large craft beer culture and the other is located in the Southwest with an enormous bilingual population. Therefore, you might want your ad copy to be different for each location.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking site Facebook is making local marketing easier and more efficient for multi-location businesses.

In November 2015, Facebook updated their local awareness ads, bettering local marketing for businesses with multiple locations by offering options such as local ads for each business location and improved call-to-action buttons. This gives businesses the ability to connect with consumers at a more targeted local level.

Last year, Facebook introduced the local awareness ads, which allow businesses to show ads to consumers who are close to where a business is located, according to Facebook. The ads give businesses a more accurate target market than traditional advertising platforms.

“Ads work best when they’re relevant to the people that see them, and now local awareness ads have new features that make it easier for businesses with multiple stores to create highly relevant ads for each of their retail locations,” according to the Facebook.



The update to local awareness ads allows businesses to change ad copy based on business location. Facebook uses a San Francisco cafe example, but because ReviewTrackers is located in Chicago, here’s a very similar local (for us) example:

If a French restaurant with five locations in the Chicago area decides to run an ad that reads, “Join us for Dinner…,” people in Chicago would see, “Join us for Dinner in Chicago,” while consumers in Northbrook would see “Join us for Dinner in Northbrook.” The ads with specific city names are automatic if you choose, and the idea is to connect even further with consumers on Facebook than before.

In addition, you now have the opportunity to select specific stores where you want to run an ad, and you can choose where you want to target your ads – so you decide the target area around each of your stores for location-specific ads.

To improve your knowledge of how one business location is performing, Facebook ad reports are available for each location. Because specific ad reports will show you which locations are doing well, you can then focus on improving other location’s performance by managing online reviews.

Call-to-action buttons will now show the consumer the nearest store or call the nearest business location. So if someone clicks the Get Directions button, they will be directed to the nearest store.

“Businesses, no matter where they are and how many stores they have, now have better ways of connecting with the people around them,” according to Facebook.

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