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Here at ReviewTrackers, we work every day with business owners and marketers to maximize the power of online reviews.

We believe that reviews can shape brand reputation, and that, by listening and responding to what customers are saying online, businesses can boost their performance and attract more customers.

This is something we make sure we practice, too. Check out the reviews of ReviewTrackers on Google: the kind words that our clients have said are a result of our team’s dedication to listening to customer feedback.

If you don’t yet have a strategy in place for improving your reviews, ratings, and reputation, now is the time to create one. Otherwise, you might miss out on all the valuable opportunities that review management can bring.

Review Management Delivers Good ROI 

A new report on Search Engine Land suggests that today’s marketing experts are embracing online reviews, too. So don’t get left behind. Right now, search consultants, digital marketers, and small business owners are finding ways to use online reviews in ways that make a positive impact on their bottom line.


Here are some of the key findings from the report:

28 percent are spending 21 percent (or more) of their time on review and reputation management efforts. This comes as no surprise. Did you know that reviews are one of the top 5 factors that influence local search results?

Basically, the number and quality of reviews you have may significantly affect how and where and on what page customers see you when they conduct a search on Google or some other search engine. First impressions last. Make sure yours is a five-star one.

83 percent believe that managing online reviews “absolutely” delivers good ROI. Reviews should be part of every reputation manager’s marketing mix – more so than social media marketing. As these numbers suggest, industry experts are already on it.

We don’t mean to call out those who spend hour after hour marketing on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, but “likes,” “retweets,” and “hearts” don’t quite deliver the same business results as five-star ratings, reviews, and recommendations. Here’s what you should spend more time on instead: staying on top of customer feedback posted on online review sites, responding to reviewers, and finding creative, effective ways to request reviews from your happy customers.

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61 percent ask customers for reviews. We believe (and so do industry experts, apparently) that the best way to generate more reviews is to simply ask your customers. Honestly, there’s no harm in asking.

Just don’t incentivize or offer discounts, because if you do that, your reviews might get flagged, or worse, regulators might catch and penalize you. (According to the Search Engine Land report, as much as 14 percent of marketers and search consultants still think rewarding customers for writing reviews are a good idea. Let’s just say we’re one of those who won’t recommend the practice.)

Here’s a bonus tip: when you do request for reviews, try to mix it up a little bit, in terms of the sites where you’re looking to build those reviews.

Don’t focus exclusively on Yelp, or Google+, or TripAdvisor. Target niche sites, too. If you’re running an automotive dealership, build up your presence on and DealerRater. If you’re managing a healthcare services brand, spend some time on Vitals, RateMDs, and Healthgrades, too. These niche review sites can put you in front of more qualified leads and turbocharge your review and reputation strategy.

Any questions? Need help? Contact us and we’ll show you how we can improve your reviews, ratings, and reputation. Or you can request a demo of ReviewTrackers and discover why over 10,000 business locations love our platform. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Migs Bassig

Migs is the Content Manager for ReviewTrackers. He's a creative writer who has helped numerous companies communicate more effectively online, and he loves sharing his local marketing knowledge to help brands and business succeed.


  1. Yes2Freebies

    Mixing it up is especially important recently. It used to be that you could just focus on on one or two for the major review sites and expect good results. Now it seems like every few months there’s some brand new platform or innovative new feature on an older review site.

  2. Jason S

    The ROI of review marketing is getting better and better. Especially as more people are using apps that connect seamlessly to other sites to gather reviews to help consumers make choices.

  3. Fridtjof Salomon

    Hearing what your customers think about the quality of their experience has always been the best way to improve. Now it’s just a lot easier to get a hold of that information.

  4. Kevin A

    How do 14% of advertisers still think incentivizing is a good idea?

    • Lisa Burner

      They just haven’t had a chance to go out of business or get sued yet. Just give them a little more time.

  5. Paula

    Of course you should respond to reviews. People like to know that you appreciated their effort to make a review.

  6. Hollaback Will

    Everybody is a critic nowadays,writing a review on some business or service or etc is easy.I think we are helping that reviewed business to be the best they can be. Eider god or bad review can help especially if it was a honest one. If they want to improve then our quality of life will improve then too.

  7. Justin Paw

    Is it just me, or is the best way to improve reviews to just improve the quality of your product or service?