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Are you running or managing a car dealership? Are you looking to generate a lot of high ratings and positive reviews from your happiest customers? Here’s a great new way to do just that – and, in the process, boost your online reputation.

Automotive information resource and dealership reviews site has announced the launch of Review Accelerator, a new tool that you can incorporate into your website so your dealership can collect and showcase online reviews and ratings from customers.

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The Review Accelerator is designed to improve the quality and quantity of reviews of your dealership. It’s also a way of increasing engagement levels with potential customers and buyers.

Here’s how the tool works: you post it onto your dealership website (via embedding) and let it encourage site visitors and customers to share reviews of your business. The submitted reviews will then be highlighted on both your dealership site as well as on your’s Dealer Ratings and Reviews page.

Why is this important? Simple. In an age when approximately 70 percent of car buyers are influenced by online dealer reviews, you have to find creative ways to improve your visibility across multiple digital channels and generate new reviews that will boost your reputation and performance. (And nope, having a website alone is not enough.)

Edmunds is one such channel. Every month the car shopping site and dealer ratings aggregator receives almost 18 million visitors. According to Maritz Research, it’s also one of the review sites that consumers trust the most – ranking among the top four, along with TripAdvisor, Zagat, and OpenTable, and also just ahead of Yelp, Google (Google+ Local/ Google Maps), and Foursquare.

“Today’s car shoppers rely more than ever on dealership reviews, so dealers can benefit from tools that make it easier to grow and share their positive reputations,” says Executive Director of Business Development Mike Grave. “We designed the Review Accelerator for dealers to generate stronger reviews and to continue building trust with shoppers on and on their own sites.”

There’s one catch, though. Dealerships have to be enrolled in’s Promise Program to be able to post the Review Accelerator to their sites.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a complete platform that will help your dealership track reviews, monitor reputation, and generate new reviews not just on Edmunds but across all other major review sites, try ReviewTrackers. Start your free trial today to discover why automotive clients and dealerships love our technology.

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