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Dunkin’ Donuts Leading in Online Consumer Interactions Like Fast Food Reviews, Tips, Comments, Photos, Check-ins

Apparently, people still love donuts. Or – if “love” is too strong a word – a lot of people like talking about donuts.

And the donuts that people are craziest about are from Dunkin’ Donuts.

A new report by local analytics company Venuelabs shows that Dunkin’ Donuts – an American global doughnut company founded in 1950 – is the fast food restaurant with which the most number of customers interact. By “interact” – or “engage” (in marketing lingo) – Venuelabs means to refer to online activities that today’s social-media-driven consumers perform, such as share tips, post check-ins, post online fast food reviews, add  comments, and take/share photos. 

Entitled “The Mobile Consumer Benchmark for Quick Serve Restaurants,” the report was released recently in partnership with the Location-Based Marketing Association. Results show that 14.7 million people engaged ‘locally’ with retail brands – including local businesses in the restaurant (fast food and chain), travel, and hotel and hospitality industries – in the 4th quarter of 2012.

(Check out: “Reviews, Check-ins, Tips, Photos: Measuring Guests’ Online Interactions with Hotels”)

So: what other fast food restaurants do consumers interact or engage with? Where else do they check in, share tips on, post photos of, or share fast food restaurant reviews of?

Well, according to the report, Dunkin’ Donuts (93 percent) is followed by McDonald’s (89 percent), Starbucks (84 percent), KFC (82 percent), and Pizza Hut (74 percent).

(We know what you’re thinking: WHERE is Taco Bell?!?!? Taco Bell lovers, this only means we’ve got to make our presence felt on social media sites and restaurant review aggregators.)

You’ll see in the Venuelabs infographic (below) that more and more people are engaging with fast food restaurants on the Web. In fact, 15.2 million new consumers were involved in 36.4 million local interactions – which means that, at each fast food restaurant, over 35 people engage over 90 times.

The channels that consumers are using include: local check-in and discovery platform Foursquare, online business listing Citysearch, social network Facebook, online reviews aggregator Google+ Local, social photo app Instagram, and ratings tracker and restaurant reviews aggregator Urbanspoon (in that order).

For more info, check out the awesome infographic below:

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