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Getting customers to say loyal to your business takes dedication.

There’s always going to be competition. There’s always going to be another option for the consumer. Fortunately, social media allows you a direct way to strengthen connections with your fans and repair your reputation with customers who may have had a less than stellar experience.

As you build your customer retention strategy, make sure your social media team is doing these five things:

  1. Include online reviews in your social media strategy
  2. Listen to customers on social media.
  3. Use insights to improve customer experience
  4.  Add Value (With Educational Tools) for Customers and Share on Social Media
  5.  Respond to Reviews

1. Include Online Reviews in Your Social Media Strategy

While it’s important to manage the big social media platforms—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.—you can’t forget about your online reviews.

Reviews are in fact social media because they form a conversation between brands and consumers. Or at least that’s what consumers expect.

According to the 2018 ReviewTrackers Online Reviews Survey, 53 percent of customers expect businesses to respond to their review. That means social media managers need to respond to reviews, engage with them, cheer their positive reviews, and act quickly to resolve negative issues described in reviews.

By incorporating review management into your social media marketing strategy (and customer experience marketing strategy), you can talk to customers who have had a bad experience directly, resolving the issue directly or sending them to the appropriate customer success staff.

2. Listen to Customers

Customer retention rates increase when businesses listen to what customers have to say on social media. Social media channels give consumers a platform to voice their opinions about your business for anyone to see.

Customers want you to listen to what they have to say about your business. That means listening and responding (more on responding later).

3. Use Insights to Improve Customer Experience

When you listen to customers, you’ll gain insights into their experience. This knowledge about their experiences will give you ideas on how to improve operations.

For example, let’s say you own a restaurant. You analyze customer feedback trends of your restaurant within social media channels, and see that dozens of customers talk about how the fries are burnt. You then tell your kitchen staff about it. You ask them to make sure they are paying close attention to the fries.

By paying attention to the details people are sharing about your customer experience, you’ll find problem areas that you can improve. If enough people are complaining about one area of your business, chances are there’s an issue. If you see that one location of your business has issues, your operations team should look at what’s causing the problem.

Sometimes your customers can be the greatest source of feedback. But you’ve got to be ready to listen.

4. Add Value (With Educational Tools) for Customers and Share on Social Media

Position yourself as an expert in your industry.

REI does this well. The retail and outdoor services corporation publishes articles on their blog about everything outdoors. The categories include “camp,” “snow,” and “paddle.”

They share their blog content on social media to connect with their customers. Recently, the company shared an article on 19 new designated national recreational trails.    

When customers know you are an expert in your industry, they’ll continue to go to you to learn new things.

Respond to Reviews

Responding to reviews is part of getting as many customers as possible loyal to your business.

When a customer leaves a review, it’s when they are at their most emotional — whether that’s positive emotions or with negative ones. Responding shows the customer you care about them and their emotions and that you are willing to talk about the situation and resolve issues.

Customers want brands to listen to them. They want to feel inspired. And they want the best experience possible.

Megan Wenzl

Megan is the Associate Editor for ReviewTrackers. She's a writer who is committed to finding useful information to help your business succeed. Megan holds an M.A. in journalism from Columbia College Chicago.


  1. Amanda Eicher

    There is a lot more to business than just getting people through the door. Retention of customers and a loyal customer base is where most money comes from for a lot of businesses. Keeping customers happy and making their experience the best it can be is a good way to have a loyal customer for life.

  2. Brittany Dellinger

    This is very useful article. Thanks Megan Wenzl for shear it.

    Social media makes it easy to reach thousands for customers at the same time. One thing I’ve found really helpful to find prospective customers, but could also work for retention as well, is twitter. Twitter has been great because of its search function. It does take a little time, but if company’s go into the search function and narrow down their target market they can get some real interactions with their ideal or current customers. Thanks for the post!