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The Customer Experience Matters for all Brands

November 03, 2016

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Welcome to This Week In Reviews, a weekly digest of the most important stories about online reviews, customer feedback, and customer experience. This week: customer experience matters for all brands, more banking insights, and commentary on technology and the customer in the automotive industry.

The Customer Experience Matters, Despite How Big the Brand 

“…Even if you have an established and recognizable brand, you still need to focus on customer experience every day.”

That’s according to Blake Morgan in Forbes. She is referring to a two-star review by Pete Wells of the New York Times, posted earlier this year, about Thomas Keller’s New York Restaurant Per Se. The review was devastating for Keller. Even Esquire wrote a story titled, “Why That Per Se Review Might Change Dining Forever.”

“The bigger your brand, the more customers to impact and the farther you could fall with a bad customer experience,” Morgan writes.

Although Wells is a restaurant critic for a major publication, it is essential to treat all of your customers like they are critics – because to put it simply, all customers are critics.

More on Banks 

Customers don’t trust banks, especially after the recent Wells Fargo scandal. According to the Millennial Disruption Index, 71 percent of millennials would rather see the dentist than listen to what their banks say, TechCrunch reported.

So banks need to work at standing out. Johnny Ayers, a TechCrunch contributor, writes that banks need to “deliver meaningful customer service and a sense of trust.”

With New Technology, Automotive Industry Focuses on the Customer

If there’s an industry that is completely changing because of technology, it’s the automotive industry.

In an article published in Industry Week, Andreas Gissler, managing director for automotive, Accenture Strategy, writes, “Automakers will need to re-tune their business model to secure dominance within the vehicle and retain access to customer data.”

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