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Welcome to This Week In Reviews, a weekly digest of the most important stories about online reviews, customer feedback, and customer experience. This week: Business insurance company Hiscox innovates the customer experience.

Fear doesn’t last as a tool for motivation.

That’s according to Russell Findlay, CMO of business insurance company Hiscox.

In an interview with customer experience futurist Blake Morgan, Findlay said, “Selling people stuff because you’ve scared them into doing so just doesn’t work as well as motivating small businesses and encouraging them to be courageous. We’d rather celebrate the positive power of risk-taking versus the negative power.”

He went on to say, “When I was a kid, my father told me ‘fear is a short-term motivator and you’ll experience this your entire life.'”

Insurance companies, in particular, are known for using fear-based marketing, but Hiscox approaches marketing and engagement in a positive way.

Findlay does something else that’s positive: He hires his customers to teach the company about new business opportunities or markets.

A positive approach to marketing and customer experience can be applied to any type of company, in any vertical. In healthcare, for example, if the entire patient experience is more positive, then patients are more likely to become proactive, take control of their health, and willingly share patient feedback to their providers.



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  1. Amanda Eicher

    Innovation in customer experience is so important. In a lot of businesses it is important to change with the times and introduce new features to a customer to keep them coming back. Companies that tend to succeed are the ones that keep up with the times and are not set in stone in their practices. They are flexible and able to make their clientele happy.