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Converting Visitors into Customers: Yelp Launches ‘Call to Action’ Feature

In the first quarter of 2013, online reviews aggregator Yelp had an average of 102 million unique visitors every month.

Obviously, that’s a staggering amount of visitors. And – if you’re a smart business owner – you’ll find a way to turn those visitors into customers.

Yelp is offering a helping hand. Recently, the company announced the launch of a new feature – “Call to Action” – that’s designed to let businesses promote a desired transaction directing on their Yelp listing. This transaction – which biz owners can pay to advertise – can be anything from scheduling an appointment, printing out a coupon, or buying tickets to an event. The offer appears on the listing, and is designed to attract people who are ready to make a spending decision.

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“Today we’re introducing a new feature for business owners, designed to further close the loop between discovering a business on Yelp and making a purchase at that business,” said Vivek Patel, vice president for Business Products at Yelp. “(The) Call to Action feature, available now to Yelp advertisers, is designed to increase the revenue potential Yelp provides to business owners, with the ability to promote a specific action they’d like consumers to take.”

One of the first businesses to make use of the new Call to Action feature is Ticketmaster, an American ticket sales and distribution company. Here’s how they’re implementing the feature on their Yelp listings: it offers visitors (to Yelp desktop and mobile) an instant way to purchase event tickets from the Ticketmaster page.

“Yelp is a great platform that many of our clients use to help their fans discover and gather information about live events,” said Jared Smith, Ticketmaster’s President of North America. “We’re excited to have developed a strategic partnership with Yelp to help our clients capture this demand and make the event discovery and ticket buying process easier for Yelp’s 102 million monthly unique visitors.”

We see Call to Action as an exciting new opportunity to promote your business – no matter the size, no matter the industry you’re in – on Yelp, where online reviews and ratings continue to make an impact on the behavior of consumers. If you’re receiving more negative feedback than positive, Call to Action is at least a way to turn people’s frowns and rants into smiles and raves. If your Yelp listing is generating generally positive reviews and high ratings, the new feature offers an additional way to maximize the potential impact of your listing and attract even more new customers.

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    Another excellent way to improve your business. This feature is a great addition that will bring you more customers, visitor and success. The reviews are an integral part of your business, but beside them, this feature is the one that will expand your business. Another great job done by Yelp’s team.