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Brand reputation managers, digital marketers, and local search experts are not the only ones who recognize the value of online reviews.

Even consumers agree that reviews are indeed good for business.

Reviews affect brand reputation, purchase decisions, and employee morale.

In a survey by enterprise diagnostic solutions firm Goodsnitch, 9 in 10 American consumers (89 percent) believe that businesses should leverage both negative and positive customer feedback – in the form of online reviews – in order to improve products and services.



Moreover, 86 percent think that review management is also a great way to publicly recognize individual employees for good work.

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“It is encouraging to see that recognizing good employees is top of mind for the vast majority of consumers,” said Rob Pace, founder of Goodsnitch. “Businesses have the opportunity to use consumer feedback and recognition to improve products and services as well as strengthen employee morale and organizational cultures.”

Review management for local businesses is particularly important

The survey, which takes into account the responses of over 2,500 consumers in the US, also suggests that 85 percent will be more likely to purchase products and services from a company with positive reviews.

Having great reviews and reputation is particularly important for local business owners, for whom it’s critical to have an active, well-managed presence on sites like Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, and Foursquare, among other review sites. Goodsnitch’s study found that 1 in 2 Americans rely more on reviews when they are buying from local businesses than from larger corporations.

Other key highlights from the survey include:

  • Of the Americans (51 percent) who have ever written online reviews, 82 percent wrote both negative and positive reviews. Only 1 percent admit to having written exclusively negative reviews.
  • Approximately 64 percent of American consumers are more likely to write reviews if the process was less time-consuming.
  • Women (90 percent) are more likely than men (81 percent) to be influenced by positive reviews.

How do online reviews influence your customers? We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences, leave them in comments below!

Migs Bassig

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  1. New Bee

    Well, it should not be weird that people consider online reviews so important. I for one, see them as a slightly advanced version of word-of-mouth information and if somebody recommends me something in person I am much more likely to check it out.

  2. KrisM77

    All serious business companies with a serious ambition tend to check reviews and use them as their tools for future planning.

  3. Mary Rose

    It is a modern word-of-mouth and it is spread widely. Today, everybody can review a business or a restaurant, knowing that their opinion will be helpful for other people. In that way they are helping fellow customers facing the truth even before the shopping or dining begins. Companies must deal with the reviews with high care as they can be essential in moving forward, but also can pull them back to the bottom.