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How to Claim and Manage Your Yahoo Local Listings

There have been several recent changes to the local business listings on Yahoo Local. If you’re a business owner listed on the site, you will likely have noticed that the look is notably different. A new lead generation service called Yahoo Localworks has also been introduced. Most recently, Yelp reviews and ratings have been added to its business pages.

The steps to claiming and managing your Yahoo business profile have also changed. That’s why we thought of updating this post and sharing with you some updated information on how to plant your flags on Yahoo Local.

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One of the first changes you’ll notice is that Yahoo now has three online listings plans, compared to just two before. The first – for the Yahoo Local Basic Listing service – is free. With this basic plan, you can add information about your business’ brands and products, include a link to your website, and provide your business contact information.

The second plan is for a Yahoo Local Enhanced Listing. This costs $9.95 monthly. With this plan, you can benefit from extra features like reporting (see the number of times your listing was viewed and clicked), additional photos, special messages with links, and more options for adding company descriptions and taglines.

The third plan is Yahoo Localworks, which starts at $29.99 a month. Here, you pay to have your listing displayed not just on Yahoo, but also on over 40 other online directories. The reporting feature is also enhanced, and with it you have the ability to view and analyze your business reputation details, such as number of reviews and average rating.

These plans should meet the specific needs of different kinds of businesses. If you have decided which one suits you best, you can begin the process of listing your business on Yahoo Local by going to:


Step 1: Provide details of the business you want to list. These should include your business name, phone number, address (including city and state), ZIP code, and business category. Click “Next”.

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Step 2: If your business is not yet claimed but already listed, you can claim it using your own Yahoo ID and clicking “Claim Listing”. If it’s not yet listed, you can simply click “Create New Listing”.

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Step 3: Yahoo will begin the verification process and you have to wait until they send your business address a postcard with a PIN code on it. This process might take as long as two weeks, but you can reach Yahoo for any questions or concerns by calling 866-8831043.

Step 4: Once you receive your PIN code, all you have to do is log into your Yahoo account and enter the code. This will verify you as the business owner of the newly created / claimed local listing. Congrats!

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  1. Julio Esparza

    hi I cant log in to my yahoo account

  2. Matt Wallach won’t even let you claim your business unless you pay Yext. They show a Yahoo review which is not for my business as we do not have suites nor do we host events.

    • Alfred E. Neuman

      I this this is grounds for a class action lawsuit against Yahoo. They have inaccurate information listed for thousands (or more) of local businesses. These businesses are being harmed by this inaccurate information, but cannot remove or correct it without involving a third party (Yext) that they do not want involved regardless of the fee involved.

  3. Scott Buendia

    I can also confirm that Yahoo seems to have made paying Yext a necessity when updating a listing. I am currently trying to update our profile, but it keeps asking for payment.

  4. Ashley

    I have not received the Yahoo post card

  5. Freer

    I can confirm that this an many other sites list inaccurate information which hurts search placement unless ransom money is paid monthly to Yext. On Yahoo, we have YP listings that are correct, but also these “free” listings that are incorrect.

    This has to be extortion.

  6. Saeid

    why I can not log into my enhanced listing to edit a wrong phone number which is been change not by us.

  7. Edward

    How do you respond to a review on Yahoo local? There doesn’t seem to be an option for that.

  8. Catherine

    Is this listing exclusive only for businesses in the US? Our business is in UAE. I don’t see option for other countries, please assist.

  9. Jesse Debenedictis

    Yahoo is horrible. I cannot change the basic incorrect information it seems, without paying YEXT $3 per week, per year. How can yahoo get away with this. It’s wrong!

  10. DB

    Just some FYI… for those looking to update their Yahoo listing without Yext, there is a teeny tiny link underneath the regular payment options for Yext. Click on that and it will let you put VERY basic info in for your site for free. No business hours are available to edit, which is a huge missing feature compared to the other engines.

    Also, Yelp will let you edit most everything for business, and I think Yahoo’s listings are largely populated by Yelp’s info. ?

  11. JA

    yahoo doesn’t even give you access to respond to reviews against your company. very sad?