How Froedtert Monitors Reviews for 38 Healthcare Centers and 400 Physicians

July 2014
38 healthcare centers
4.2 stars

The Challenge: Inefficient and incomplete review monitoring strategy

Online reviews influence decisions more significant than “Where to eat?” or “Where to stay?” More than ever, consumers are using reviews to evaluate medical care and treatment options before deciding where to go.

This is why Froedtert Health, a provider of cost-effective healthcare to residents of southeastern Wisconsin and beyond, actively tracks and responds to patient reviews.

“We had a manual process for monitoring reviews of our clinics and hospitals,” says Kimberly Cole, Froedtert Health’s Digital Specialist for Marketing and Communication. “It was inefficient, incomplete, and disorganized. I checked Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, and other profiles for new reviews, but it took a significant amount of time, and there were likely many reviews we were unaware of. It was also difficult to keep track of which reviews were new, and which we had seen in previous scans.”

Missing the big picture

Another challenge was to find a way to track reviews not only of Froedtert’s healthcare centers, but also of its physicians. Froedtert as an organization understood that individual doctors received a substantial number of reviews, since patients are more likely to review specific doctors rather than the healthcare centers in general. But according to Cole, there simply wasn’t enough time to track this effectively.

“I could not monitor reviews as frequently as I would have liked,” she says, “and we had no handle on reviews left on physician profiles.”

The solution

In July 2014, Froedtert Health implemented ReviewTrackers, and the process for monitoring reviews instantly changed.

“With ReviewTrackers, we are actively listening and sharing what is being said. And we’re able to confidently tell our stakeholders — executives, physicians, etc. — that we are efficiently monitoring the company’s reviews.”

Comprehensive review monitoring in a clean, easy-to-digest format

Froedtert Health is now using the ReviewTrackers platform to monitor 38 healthcare centers and close to 400 physicians; it has also collected over 8,000 online reviews.

Cole appreciates the platform’s ability to collect and centralize patient feedback from all major review sites as well as healthcare-specific sites. As part of her regular routine, she turns to ReviewTrackers’ clean, organized dashboard to utilize review data and quickly gain customer insights.

“I love that ReviewTrackers hits all of the big industry-specific and general review sites,” she says. “When new reviews are left on any of those sites, I receive real-time notifications with a link to log into the dashboard where all the reviews are easy to search, sort, and find.”

45 percent of customers say they’re more likely to visit businesses that respond to their reviews

ReviewTrackers Online Review Survey

Effective collaboration with stakeholders

Cole regularly shares Froedtert Health’s reviews to company stakeholders, and she uses customizable review notifications and review reports to keep everyone in the loop. “I love the feature that enables me to set review digests for our stakeholders.”

Froedtert Health is now also able to see the entire review landscape. In addition to reviews of its healthcare centers, Froedtert is also listening closely to what patients are saying about their physicians and other employees, which represent 62 percent of Froedtert Health’s total number of reviews tracked.

Cole has also set up other users to help manage the workflow. “Our Physician Directory Specialist helps monitor, collate and share the reviews,” she says. “We share the reviews with relevant departments. Immediate reviews are shared, as appropriate, with physicians, clinic or department doctors, patient relations, billing, etc., while reviews of all types are shared more broadly on a quarterly basis.”

Executing a quick response strategy

Negative feedback is unavoidable, but using ReviewTrackers, Cole is able to minimize the impact of a bad review by responding as soon as she receives an E-mail notification in her inbox. In many cases, she is even able to resolve the issue and turn a negative patient experience into a positive outcome.

“More than saving time, I have saved anxiety over missing a negative review,” she says. “We respond as quickly as possible to negative reviews. At the same time, the chart of ratings on my ReviewTrackers dashboard serves as a helpful visual reminder that the negative reviews that cause so much angst are only a tiny part of our online reputation.”

Thanks to ReviewTrackers, Froedtert Health has achieved a Reputation Score of 4.2 stars out of 5: a demonstration that the company’s review management efforts are making a positive impact on its online reputation.

“There’s a lot of big solutions out there,” says Cole. “But ReviewTrackers fits our needs and budget, and the customer service is excellent. I’d recommend it to other healthcare companies for its great value.”

*A signature feature of ReviewTrackers is the ability to calculate a business’ Reputation Score, a proprietary algorithm that serves as a numerical indicator of customer sentiment for all business locations, across all review sites being tracked.

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