The Business Owner’s Guide to the Yelp Transaction Platform

December 10, 2018

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What is Yelp Transaction Platform?

Yelp’s Transaction Platform is a feature that enables users to make direct business transactions like bookings, delivery, and pickup directly though Yelp. It is Yelp’s response to the question, “How do I allow customers to purchase food, activities or book appointments directly on Yelp?”

Since it was first introduced in 2013, Yelp’s Transaction Platform has expanded to include various types of transactions, covering multiple business sectors and categories.

For businesses, Yelp Transaction Platform provides a means for your services such as appointment bookings and food ordering to be made directly on Yelp through third-party partners or Yelp’s own restaurant booking services (Yelp Reservations).

How do I enable Yelp Transaction Platform for my business?

Yelp Transaction Platform is automatically enabled based on information provided to Yelp by its network of partners.

If you have created or claimed your Yelp business page and you’re already partnered with a third-party company (transactional service provider) that is in Yelp’s partner network, Yelp’s Transaction Platform feature should be automatically available on your business page.

If you want to want to opt out of these features or add them to the page, then you’ll need to speak to the partner provider directly. If you’re not sure which partner is providing ordering for your business, you can check the booking/ordering widget on your business page – click through to the transaction flow and you’ll see the partner’s logo.

Who are Yelp’s Transaction Platform partners?

If you are a business owner in the US or Canada who is interested in offering transactions through your Yelp business page, please reach out to applicable Yelp Transaction Platform partners below (just click the link).

Restaurant Bookings

  • Yelp Reservations (For restaurants that drive the majority of business through reservations)
  • Yelp Nowait (For restaurants that drive the majority of business through walk-in guests)

Food Ordering and Delivery

Home and Local Services

Spas and Salons

Doctors and Lawyers

Food and Nightlife

Active Life and Events


If your company is listed on Yelp and provides services related to the categories listed above, Yelp Platform can connect you to existing and potential customers and, through direct transactions and bookings, help drive sales for your business.

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