“Say It to My Face”: A New Restaurant Makeover TV Show Based on Online Reviews and Customer Feedback

May 18, 2015

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Everyone’s a critic these days. Just ask every restaurant owner or chef who’s ever been on the receiving end of a Yelp review.

Sometimes the critic will say something negative about a business without even having set foot in its doors or bought anything at all. But there are also times when a review – the voice of the customer – actually provides constructive criticism, and contains information that might help a business improve its performance and do better next time.

If only there was a way in real life to gather all these reasonable critics and review writers, get them to talk about their customer experiences, and get the business owners to listen in… Oh, hey, there’s an idea for a TV show.

In fact, there is going to be a TV show based on this very idea. (Where’s the popcorn?)

Say It to My Face: Turning Negative Reviews into Positive Results

It’s called “Say It to My Face,” a brand new series on FYI that gives chefs and restaurateurs a chance to engage with their toughest, snarkiest online critics – and listen in on conversations about how they can turn their restaurants around based on the opinions of those who have knocked their businesses online.

“Say It to My Face”: A New Restaurant Makeover TV Show Based on Online Reviews and Customer Feedback

Hosted by Slapfish Restaurant Group’s Andrew Gruel and Anthony Dispensa, “Say It to My Face” follows restaurants and critics as they meet face-to-face for the first time – in “town hall” sorts of sessions – to air grievances and discuss how the restaurants could elevate their businesses “in hopes that their toughest online critics will change their reviews, while helping to encourage new customers to come through the door.”

Gruel and Dispensa are also going to be on-hand to provide some form of mentorship in terms of how these oft-criticized restaurateurs can find a winning strategy based on customer feedback – before it’s all too late.

“Food, ambiance, and customer service: these seem to be the three main pillars in all online reviews,” Gruel said in an Eater report.

“People are going to continue writing these online reviews and no matter how much you love it or hate it, it’s not going to change. It’s up to you to listen to what they say, find the truth in it and use it turn your restaurant around. You can use online reviews for your success and, if you don’t, it could lead to your failure.”

We totally agree with Gruel. According to new ReviewTrackers research, 33 percent of frequent restaurant-goers say that they wouldn’t even eat at a restaurant with an overall 3-star rating on online review sites like Yelp, Google, or Facebook. So check your reviews, see what your ratings are, and maybe find a way to contact the network producers of the show.

Or you could just request a demo of ReviewTrackers.    

To improve your reputation, improve your reviews 

The thing is: you don’t have to be part of “Say It to My Face” or some other wacky TV show in order to improve your reviews and turn your reputation around. You simply have to become more active in managing online reviews and customer feedback.

That way, you can reinforce the positive things people say about your business, while using customer feedback to identify areas where you can improve.

With ReviewTrackers, you can:

Keep an eye on all major review sites, including Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google My Business, Facebook, etc. We’ve got your bases covered! All your reviews can be collected, managed, and analyzed in one easy-to-use online dashboard. You also get E-mail notifications whenever you receive a new review, so you never miss anything ever again.

Leverage data to better understand customers. With powerful reporting and analytics, ReviewTrackers has helped over 50,000 businesses respond to the wants and needs of their customers. Using our data-driven platform, you can tune in, wherever your customers and critics are talking – no need for a potentially embarrassing appearance on TV.

Manage multiple locations and work with your team. Are you running a franchise or a multiple-location business? ReviewTrackers features multi-user collaboration and workflow management tools so that your whole team is empowered to stay on top of your business reputation.

Improve reviews, ratings, and reputation by using tools that allow you to find happy customers, request their feedback, and encourage them to post great reviews of your business. You can also identify those who didn’t necessarily have positive experiences and engage with them in ways that can win them over.

Comments, questions, concerns? Check out our Tour page or send us a message, and we’ll get back to you right away!

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