Case Study: Restaurant Checks OpenTable to Brighten Diners’ Birthday Celebration

August 31, 2012

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Here at ReviewTrackers, we always tell our business clients that monitoring online reviews (and social media mentions) is something that they should be doing regularly – and not just because they would want to be able to address bad reviews and negative customer feedback.

It’s about positive engagement, too: listening, communicating, and seizing every opportunity to give customers a great experience.

How exactly do you do that? Just read on. This post actually marks the beginning of our new special blog feature, RT Best Practices, in which we look at what mom-and-pops, small businesses, and enterprise-level organizations are doing to manage what customers are saying and to enhance their online reputation.

Make a Birthday Wish, Mom!

Case Study: Restaurant Checks OpenTable to Brighten Diners’ Birthday Celebration

Business performing the amazingness: Nota Bene restaurant on Queen Street West,Toronto

Sites involved: Twitter and OpenTable

What they did: According to a recent Tweet of the Week post on the OpenTable blog, diner Alex Kuczynski in Canada took her mom to celebrate her birthday at the Nota Bene restaurant in Toronto. Using restaurant reservation and review site OpenTable’s “Special Requests for the Restaurant Maitre D” tool, Alex had actually let the awesome team over at Nota Bene know about her mom’s birthday, so that when they came in, the special occasion was all noted down.

The restaurant’s staff members didn’t need any further reminders from Alex. They placed a sweet birthday candle in Alex’s mom’s dessert, delighting the celebrant not only with gorgeous food, but also with their attention to detail.

Why it works: To generate good reviews, you must not only have a great product; you should also provide great support and deliver a great customer experience. Too often, businesses forget about a special request, or fail to note down details of a reservation, or miss out on great opportunities to guarantee customer satisfaction. The result? A bad review. (Hey, you can’t blame the customer for being disappointed.)

It’s the complete opposite with Nota Bene, a restaurant that, apart from monitoring restaurant review sites like OpenTable to stay on top of what customers are saying, also engages proactively with customers to show how much it cares and values feedback.

Result: For its great job in review monitoring and reputation management, Nota Bene earned praise from Alex, given via a sweet tweet on Twitter. (See above tweet.)

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