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July 19, 2016

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Have you heard of us? We’re ReviewTrackers. We help thousands of businesses manage their online reviews and unlock customer intelligence, every day.

That’s what we do.

But what makes ReviewTrackers ReviewTrackers is the people who work here.

Everyone who works here has a different role on their specific team. There’s engineering, marketing, sales operations and customer success – all of the teams come together in a way that contributes to the success of the company.

Meet the Teams at ReviewTrackers

Customer Success

When describing the “who we are” and “what we do”, Crystal Shuller, our director of customer happiness (the team that provides our award-winning customer support), sums it up:

“We’re empowering our customers to build a better experience for their customers… and in turn for the public.” 

“That’s going to add a ton of smiles and grow – so the more businesses that care about their customer’s experience, the better society will be,” she added.

Crystal makes a not-so-exaggerated point here: we are serving the greater good. Really, we are. I have a number of qualitative examples to prove my point.

Let’s say you’re satisfied with the service you had. You go about the rest of your day knowing you had a good experience. You feel good!

If you’re dissatisfied with an experience, however, then you’re frustrated, and who else do you take that on and what kind of domino effect does that have?

In addition to making people’s lives better, the Customer Success team acts as a consultant on a service level, while also answering customer support emails. The team always tries to think ahead for customers, so they can provide them with all the tools needed to become more successful.


Nate Reynolds, head of engineering, said, “The way I see my role is more of an integrator, the information radiator: making sure information is flowing from one team to the other.”

ReviewTrackers is ReviewTrackers because of the product we have. That’s who we are. What I do is make sure everybody views the product in the same way. I also ask how our customers perceive value to the product, and how engineering can develop it in a way that our customers are actually satisfied. Making sure everybody understands our product is really my role.”

The Engineering team works toward this goal by talking to customers and communicating with all the other teams.

“We do user research, we talk to customers, we find out how do they do their jobs and what they would like to do better, we try to make it easier,” he said. “And we try to save time for them. Anybody you ask — they want to save time.”

And, like customer success, Nate’s team thinks ahead for customers, so they can offer companies the right tools for success.

“They are buying a service,” he said. “An example is you go to the store to look for a mattress. What are you buying? You are buying a good night’s sleep.”

It’s the same way with ReviewTrackers — companies are buying reputation management and feedback management: a whole package that’s going to give you actionable insights, uncover customer-generated data and intelligence about your business, something you don’t know, and something that you don’t have to invest lots of time in order to know.


Hina Merchant, marketing response team lead, enjoys talking to different people every day and educating them about our product. Asked what she loves most about her job, Hina said, “When you have those moments with someone, when it actually clicks and they say, ‘I can’t believe this product exists, and it’s going to save me so much time.’”

“To hear them on the phone and see how excited they are about the product – that instills more confidence in me, and that instills more confidence in my ability to sell ReviewTrackers in general: to know we’re building this product that’s going to help someone. That’s what excites me: to have those conversations.”


Bethany Poore, office manager, wants to keep ReviewTrackers employees happy.

“I’m like an overseer of the office. I keep it clean. I keep snacks stocked, I try to keep the people happy, and I plan lunch n’ learns and other team events,” she said.

“I think it makes people more productive when they’re working at a nice place where they don’t have to worry about things being done — it’s nice to go in the kitchen and not worry about stuff: you know that it’s clean and someone is taking care of it. There are so many events and stuff here, too, that it’s better than most of the places that you could work. And there are more snacks.”

Bethany wants people to feel better when they walk past her desk. As part of the Operations team, she also handles tasks to make every team’s life better.

“We try to make everything run smoothly. We created an information website for employees. We set up the couch areas. We’re always trying to improve the office and make it a nicer place for people to work at, and we try to come up with creative ideas to make it beautiful in here.”


When I asked Emily Pamukov, our VP of Marketing, what she loves most about her job, she said, “the people.”

“I can’t count the amount of times in any given week that I think how lucky I am to work with the people I work with,” she said. “We have such a talented team, and we have ten people in four different locations. 

“A lot of what I do is gather the team to make sure we’re all moving in the same direction. We’re results-oriented. I make sure that we’re focused on the right strategies and tactics while creating the right messaging to help drive the rapid growth of the business.”

As part of the marketing team, I agree with Emily. I’m lucky to work with my team and everyone else here. We are all supportive, and we do the best we can do.

After talking with various team members here about their jobs and what they do, I noticed a pattern: all of the teams here at ReviewTrackers are trying to help others. Every team cares about people in their own unique ways, with the shared goal of making everyone’s lives a little better.

This a great place to work.

Want to join us? We’re hiring.

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