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How ReviewTrackers Saves You Time

January 16, 2018

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Let’s think about time for a minute. There are 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week. There are a multitude of activities and tasks that takes place in one day: sleeping, eating, working, commuting, spending time with family and friends, and watching Netflix.

One valuable benefit of the ReviewTrackers platform is more time in your day: not by adding hours to the day – unfortunately our engineers haven’t figured that out yet – but by saving you time to do what matters. Depending on your job, the time saved can include the time you would otherwise spend on replying to reviews in a personalized way or analyzing customer sentiment. With ReviewTrackers, you have a platform that displays all online company reviews from more than 80 different review websites.

To fully understand just how much time ReviewTrackers can save you or one of your employees, we had our data analyst Niki Griggs manually track CarMax reviews across 51 Southwest CarMax locations from 10 different review sites.

The result: it took Niki 17 hours to aggregate the reviews into an Excel spreadsheet.

Compare 17 hours with the 3 minutes it took Sara Vogl, our client onboarding manager, to upload review data from the company’s locations, and there’s no question that ReviewTrackers saves time with review aggregation and management.

In addition to aggregating reviews, Niki spent 5 hours each week for 4 weeks (after the initial 17 hours) collecting new reviews, the total amount of new reviews, ratings of new reviews from each site, and the average rating, as well as formulating basic replies to reviewers.

“I don’t think it’s feasible for one person to do all of this.”

“There were five different numbers I logged every single week for all of the locations on all of the websites,” Niki says.

How did she feel about these seemingly dull and routine tasks?

“I definitely don’t think it was enjoyable because of the nature of what it is,” she says. “However, I became pretty frustrated over time because I knew what the goal was and I knew what I was trying to do, but I just don’t think it’s feasible for one person to do all of this in tandem with another portion of their job.”

Niki says that if someone had to do this manually, they would probably hate coming into work everyday.

“Not because it’s anything that technical, but it’s just awful work,” she says. “Nobody wants to do that every single day, and who wants to do it at all in general, especially if there’s someone who can do it for you in seconds? It was incredibly frustrating, especially when I went back and forth between doing it myself and then using the platform that we put all the locations in. And just having the information readily available without needing to search and go through review sites – it’s just a slap in the face doing that and then going back to manual aggregation.”

What is main issue with manual review aggregation? For Niki, it’s the amount of time that’s being wasted: time that could be used analyzing customer data.

With a spreadsheet, you won’t find any insights

“If you’re the CEO of CarMax and an employee is manually aggregating reviews, you won’t necessarily know what’s going on down to each branch level,” she says.

“A lot of the reviews I logged were either one star or five stars, so it seemed like people were either completely satisfied or completely dissatisfied with their experience.”


With a tool like ReviewTrackers, key company stakeholders can see how each of their locations or regions are performing. With a spreadsheet, you won’t find any insights.

“I think the most frustrating part about this entire thing is I have all of this data and I have these five points, or numbers for each location on 10 websites,” Niki says.

“What did I gain from it? Nothing. I have data points, but I don’t have any analysis. The five and a half hours each week gave me zero intel for putting anything into practice or solving these customer problems or fixing anything.”

With ReviewTrackers, Niki says she can easily access “customer intelligence to deliver a product, service, or experience that is specific to the needs of the customer.”

Note: Niki could not spend the remaining 34.5 hours of the work week analyzing customer data; instead, she used the time to maximize her productivity and work on multiple other projects.

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