October 13, 2020

Easier Healthcare Review Management with ReviewTrackers and CareDash

a graphic showing the partnership between reviewtrackers and caredash

ReviewTrackers, the award-winning customer feedback software that helps businesses transform the customer experience, announces its partnership with CareDash, one of the world’s leading providers of doctor, dentist, therapist, and hospital reviews.

Through this partnership, CareDash reviews will now be available in the ReviewTrackers platform, empowering healthcare providers to manage, monitor and enhance their online reputation. Healthcare providers can view and manage their patient reviews all in one place, saving time, enhancing the patient experience, and providing data-driven insights to ensure compliance and success. Over the course of the partnership, ReviewTrackers and CareDash will release more updates and features, such as in-app replies, to help streamline the ways healthcare providers interact with their patients.

“Our focus is on driving transparency in healthcare search and improving patient access to information,” said CareDash CEO Ted Chan. “Adding ReviewTrackers as a CareDash API ecosystem partner is critical for enabling doctors, medical practices, and hospitals to be more responsive to their patients.”

According to ReviewTrackers customer reviews industry research, 72% of consumers use reviews as the first step to finding a new doctor and 69.9% see positive patient reviews as “very” or “extremely” important. Not only does managing your reviews develop trust and credibility between your business and patients, but it also improves your SEO ranking, meaning more people will find you when they search online.

No longer are insurance acceptance, medical skills, and diagnosis quality the sole deciding factors for patients. Consumers want to know about the entirety of the patient experience, such as bedside manner, environment, and quality of care. Through managing CareDash reviews in ReviewTrackers’ platform, healthcare providers can create a better patient experience overall.

“We are excited to be expanding our product through our partnership with CareDash. This past year has proven how important transparency and trust are in the healthcare industry. We are honored to work with a healthcare review company that prioritizes these values and ensures patients can easily access and apply reliable information when making important decisions about their health,” said ReviewTrackers’ CEO Chris Campbell.

About CareDash

CareDash was created in 2016 as a solution for patients looking for transparent and trustworthy information about healthcare providers, practices, and hospitals in their area. Today, CareDash is the fastest growing healthcare review website in the world, committed to making it easy to find accessible information that helps patients make the right decision about their healthcare provider.

Named one of Boston’s Best Small Companies to Work for, CareDash is committed to continuing to raise the bar on transparency and trust in healthcare, while helping healthcare organizations drive new patient engagement and growth. Learn more at CareDash.com and follow them on LinkedIn or Twitter to get updates.

About ReviewTrackers

ReviewTrackers empowers 100,000+ businesses to understand their customers better through advanced review and customer feedback technology. ReviewTrackers’ business solutions allow for analyzing, amplifying, and maximizing customer feedback to accelerate customer acquisition and improve customer retention while driving more authentic connections with customers. Learn more at ReviewTrackers.com and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter to get updates on our product and company.

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