Your Customers Now Get Notified When You Respond to their Google Reviews

May 29, 2018

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As another way to bridge the communication between businesses and consumers, Google has announced that it is rolling out a feature in which customers will be notified whenever a business responds to their online review on Google My Business.

According to a Google My Business tweet and forum thread, Google is launching email notifications that inform customers when a business responds to their reviews, with plans to release mobile notifications at a later date. The notification contains a link to a page with the business owner’s response to the Google review.

The business’ response is published immediately and the email notification is sent to the customer 5 minutes later. The 5-minute delay allows the business to edit or make any corrections to their response after initial submission.

Here’s a screenshot of the email notification that will be sent to customers:

Why do Google review response notifications matter?

Customers care about being responded to. According to the 2018 online reviews survey, consumers expect businesses and brands to respond to their online reviews, but are usually disappointed.

53 percent of customers expect a review response within 7 days. But as much as 63 percent say that they have never heard back from a business after leaving a review.

The growth of online reviews — especially those on Google, which is today’s fastest-growing review site — is driven by consumers’ genuine desire to engage with businesses. In these digital spaces, your customers want to be heard individually and addressed personally.

Responding to reviews ASAP can protect your online reputation.

Review responses on Google can make a real and measurable difference — not just to the review-writing customer, but also to all other users and potential customers who visit your business’ review page.

Your responses can immediately improve consumer perceptions of your business. On the other, not responding can increasingly be seen as actively ignoring customer feedback.

According to a study, 45 percent of consumers say they’re more likely to visit a business if it responds to negative online reviews. Moreover, 80 percent will feel like a business cares more about them if they see management responding to reviews.

Review responses can impact revenue.

According to Cornell University, revenue increases and overall ratings improve as the number of responses to reviews increases. Failure to respond, meanwhile, leads to lower review scores and revenue.

Your customers will certainly appreciate substantive, meaningful, and timely responses to their reviews. Keep in mind that it’s best to avoid template responses and repetitive thank-you notes. When responding, focus on addressing any negative feedback.

You can respond to Google reviews claiming your Google My Business account, or through ReviewTrackers’ review response feature and Google integration.

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