Is Email Marketing Dead?

August 20, 2018

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Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is far from dead. According to a survey by The Manifest, nearly 70 percent of businesses use email marketing as part of their overall digital marketing strategies and spend time and money on email marketing.

Email marketing can reach customers in ways that social media or other online platforms cannot.

Email marketing is successful for businesses when its strategy matches business goals and buyer personas. Businesses should thoughtfully consider why they use email marketing, how often they send emails, and what types of emails they send.

Customers Want to Engage With Email Marketing

Businesses use email marketing because it is a very successful way to get a message out to their target audiences.

Customers are often predisposed to being engaged with a business’s emails. Because customers opt in to receiving a business’s emails, they expect to see them in their inbox.

People who signed up to receive your emails are interested in your brand or service. Meanwhile, customers may not necessarily be interested in branded content on social media, since they often didn’t choose to receive it.

Because customers who receive your emails are likely already interested in your brand, email can be a good channel to ask for reviews. You’re more likely to reach people who are willing to spend time to write a positive review about your brand than on social media, where consumers probably aren’t as engaged with your brand.

If you receive more reviews through email marketing, that can lead to improved performance on other digital marketing channels, especially SEO and online reputation.

A Variety of Emails Keeps Customers Interested

Businesses send a variety of emails to keep their customers interested and promote their brand in unique ways. The most popular types of emails businesses send are product/company updates (69%), promotional emails such as company review requests (69%), newsletters (68%), and event invitations (65%).

The types of emails businesses send should reflect the buyer personas. Developing buyer personas can help a company gather a better representation of its customer base. Discover who your customers are, and create emails that appeal to them.

How Often Businesses Send Emails

Finding the balance of how often to email customers can be tricky. On one hand, you don’t want to overload their inboxes, but you also don’t want them to forget about your company.

32 percent of businesses send emails daily, while 41 percent send them weekly.

Depending on your industry, your customers want to hear from you at different frequencies. For instance, customers use a car mechanic much less frequently than they go grocery shopping – sending daily or weekly emails may make sense for the grocery store but might not be a good strategy for the mechanic.

You have to send emails with the frequency that makes the most sense for your industry and audience. Sending emails too frequently can annoy subscribers, causing them to hit “unsubscribe.”

Email Marketing Goals Vary by Business Size

Companies of different sizes often have different goals for email marketing.

Due to their more prominent customer base, larger companies tend to send emails more often. Fifty-two percent of businesses with more than 500 employees send emails daily, versus 21 percent of smaller businesses.

Smaller companies use email marketing to grow and expand their customer base. Since larger companies already have a customer base, they want to retain those customers but also focus on boosting consumer engagement.

The State of Email Marketing

Email marketing is successful when businesses think about their buyer personas, goals and what types of emails they are going to send.

Businesses gain and retain customers through the use of email marketing.

Do not expect email marketing to disappear from the marketing landscape anytime soon.

This is a guest post from Kristen, a content writer and marketer at The Manifest, business news and how-to website in the heart of Washington, D.C. Connect with her on LinkedIn, or reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns at [email protected].

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