How to Edit a Google Business Listing

October 12, 2018

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edit google business listing

The information you provide to Google plays a key role in determining your search engine performance and visibility, which is why it’s important to edit a Google My Business listing to make sure everything is correct.

Accurate listings are important because it can impact consumer behavior and purchase decisions. Research shows that 37 percent won’t consider a business with inconsistent information, and another 37 percent will take their money elsewhere if a business’ website is plagued with inconsistencies

More importantly, incorrect business information costs money. About $10.3 billion worth of potential annual sales are lost because of wrong, missing, or incomplete local business information.

Simply put: incorrect information can drive your customers away. Here’s how you can change that.

Create or check for a Google Business Listing

To make any edits, you will need to have a Google My Business (GMB) account. Those who don’t have an account can claim one for a business by following our guide. You will also need to verify your business, which you can read about on our handy cheat sheet.

Once you’re logged in, you should see the familiar Google My Business dashboard. On the left side of the dashboard are multiple sections. Click on the “Info” section to start editing your listing data.

edit google business listing

If you’re using the mobile app, you can tap the Menu icon (the one with three horizontal lines) and then tap the “Business Info” page to edit information.

What Can I Edit on My Google Business Listing?

Within the info page is a plethora of information that Google users will see on the public-facing version of the listing. It’s to your benefit to add or edit as much relevant information as possible so that searchers are best informed before they make a decision.

You can edit any information that has a pencil icon next to the entry.

Business name

Here is where you will put in the name of the business. It needs to exactly match its real-world counterpart (your physical signage, stationery, or a business card). Otherwise, Google won’t pinpoint its exact location. If the business name changes after the listing verified you will need to go through the verification process again to reflect the updated name.


You will need to choose a category type that best describes the business. Multiple locations under one business name should all share that same primary category. You can also select up to nine minor categories to further help Google understand the business’ products or services.


Google needs a complete and, more importantly, an exact address for the business location. If it’s located inside a large building you will need to add its floor location or suite number. If it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact address, you can also specify the closest cross-street or landmark.


You don’t want customers visiting when you’re closed so it’s important to add the correct operating business hours. If there’s a period of time during the way that the business closes for a break, you should also indicate that by creating two entries for the same day.

You can also set special hours for holidays or special events by clicking on the “Special hours” section within GMB.


This will serve as one of the best ways for customers to contact a business before they visit so make sure that the phone connected to the number is readily available for someone to answer at any time. In addition to a primary number, you can add two mobile or landline numbers to the listing.


Those with a website can copy and paste its URL in this field. However, you should make sure that Googlebot – the company’s web crawling system – isn’t blocked and there are no penalties on the website based on Google’s Search Console.

Businesses with multiple locations should link to that location’s page on your domain, not the home page.


Here is where you can tell customers about a business’ many amenities. This can be things like free Wi-Fi, outdoor seating, or valet parking.


Images can give customers a preview of products, services, or even the business’ interior. Before you add a whole gallery of images, make sure that each photo meets Google’s criteria.  

From the Business

You can give customers an idea of what to expect from a business with just a few words (750 characters, to be exact). It’s important that you make this brief description more about the business in general rather than promoting current deals or promotions.

Opening date

By adding an opening date, people can know if a business is new or a long-time fixture in the community. If you don’t know the exact date, you can just add the year and month.


Restaurants as well as health-, beauty-, and service-based businesses should add a menu or a list of services offered at a location. You can import this information from a third-party website with an appointment URL, or you can manually add each item and price through the GMB dashboard.

What To Do If a Business Moves or Closes

If a business moves to a new spot, there’s no need to create a new listing for it. All you have to do is update the address on Google My Business. You might need to re-verify the listing because of the new location.

If a business is closed you can update that information on the “Info” section. You’ll see an option to “Close or remove this listing.” Click on it and press the “Mark As Permanently Closed.” button.

Why Fix Your Business Information on Google?

Google and other search engines want to ensure that any information they provide to search users is complete, accurate, and up-to-date. Ideally, so do you.

By proactively managing business information via Google My Business and fixing any mistakes and inconsistencies, it’s more likely that the listing is rewarded by search engines with higher search rankings, which also makes it easier for customers in the real world to discover your business.

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