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Why Customer Feedback Matters to TD Bank

August 02, 2017

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When TD Bank first launched its new person-to-person payment service in its mobile app, the first shortcut button in the app was set as “Send Money.”

Customers didn’t like this. TD Bank found that out with the help of customer feedback through social media and other channels. So the bank listened to its customers and reordered the buttons on the app and put the “Accounts” button first.

“Our customers told us what works for them, and we listened,” says Robert Ghazal, head of U.S. Contact Centers for TD Bank.

The bank has a dedicated Voice of the Customer – Digital Experience team that is constantly managing, monitoring, and analyzing all social media posts and comments.

“They (Voice of the Customer – Digital Experience team) analyze the trends from customer feedback,” Ghazal says.

Fast Response Times Improve Customer Experience

This bank is dedicated to responding to customers fast. The bank has a best-in-class average first response time of 20 minutes for the first initial contact with the customer.

“Dedicated customer advocates from each line of business are required to connect with the customer within 24 hours with further insights about the issue and a proposed resolution,” Ghazal explains.

“This process allows for tracking and ensures accountability. As a result, changes are constantly being made to policies and processes within the lines of business to enable efficiency, improve communication, and create a better overall customer experience from beginning to end.”

The bank sees that every customer has an impact on the brand’s reputation.

“At TD, we see every customer as a high influencer because one person can tweet or write a Facebook post and have that comment seen by hundreds or thousands of their followers.” Ghazal says. “So we take this feedback very seriously.”

Demonstrating Industry Expertise Through Financial Education

One of the ways TD Bank stands out is that it provides financial education for youth and adults. Priority in financial education at TD Bank is given to low-to-moderate income communities. The bank partners with community organizations to help with the financial education programs.

“This program brings TD Bank volunteers who have particular areas of expertise into the communities we serve with education and advice,” Ghazal says.

“TD Bank volunteers from across our organization to support youth financial education in schools, scout troops, and community groups.”

Ghazal also pointed out that TD Bank offers digital resources for teens ages 13 and up. He says, “Middle and high school students can gain hands-on investing experience with our Virtual Stock Market simulator.” 

The simulator is designed for classroom use, so teachers can use the platform as a learning game, Ghazal says. The simulator is even updated within 15 minutes of the actual stock markets and includes teacher guides and educational videos.

He added that TD Bank has partnered with EverFi Inc., a leading technology education company, to create the TD Bank Learning Center.

“Launched in 2016, this online portal offers digital learning modules on financial topics of concern to people of all ages,” he says. “The 10-minute modules, in English and Spanish as well as closed captioning, cover topics such as credit scores, home ownership, identity protection, insurance, mortgages, taxes and more.”

To learn more about TD Bank’s financial education programs, visit

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