3 Benefits of Having a Website for Young Businesses

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Any brand that wants to succeed online needs to know the benefits of having a website. Aside from carving out your own space on the digital landscape, having a website helps with credibility, consumer awareness, and acquisition all of which are needed for long-term success.

Benefits of Having a Website #1: Visibility

Aside from incorporating a local listing management plan, a website is a brand’s first step to getting in front of the consumer. A brief description of what you sell and what the consumer can expect at your locations can be the difference when it comes to the number of people that walk through your doors.

As you build your site, try to have a unified branding style from the logo to the font selection. Taking time to also optimize site speed further reduces friction for any visitor and sets the experience off on a good start.


Benefits of Having a Website #2: Credibility

In today’s digital world, the absence of a website can be a red flag for some consumers. Even if you’re not selling anything on the site itself, the website is a clear indicator that your brand actually exists with real people staffing your locations and clear intentions to provide an exceptional customer experience.

To further lend credibility on a website, provide valuable contact information such as the addresses of your locations, phone numbers where people can call for further information, and even an email address if people prefer to send messages.

Benefits of Having a Website #3: Direct Marketing

If a consumer is already on your site, chances are they are looking for something that your brand and your competitors are offering. To ensure that they don’t leave your site and look at other competitors, you will need to convince them that your product is superior and worth the investment.

You can do so by creating copy that describes your products and how it’s better than the competition. However, social proof, otherwise known as online reviews, can tell the story for you. The genuine experience of your own customers sends a stronger trust signal to consumers than most marketing content. In other words, people are more likely to believe the words of someone with actual experience in your product than the brand messaging itself. By adding a testimonial page or even reviews next to each of your products, which can easily be done via ReviewTrackers Amplify, you can easily move customers from a consideration- to decision-level stage of their purchase.


There are many more benefits to having a website, but these three are more than enough to convince any brand to get their website up and running. When combined with reputation management software, you can elevate online presence that attracts and retains even more customers.

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