9 Inspiring Business and Marketing Experts to Follow on Instagram

September 08, 2014

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It’s reasonable to assume that people and organizations that run successful digital marketing, social media, and reputation management campaigns are terrific sources of information and advice on how you can enhance your own business’ online image. A lot of these experts are on the most popular social networks, too – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – writing insightful updates, posting interesting links, and sharing inspiring photos. To get all these, all you have to do is press the Follow button.

We thought of sharing with you this list of cool, inspiring business and marketing experts to follow on Instagram, the hugely popular social photo sharing app. Do yourself a favor and connect with them today!


Vocus is a cloud-based marketing and public relations company headquartered in Maryland. They have a great team of experts who help business owners across a wide variety of industries attract and engage with potential customers. Learn from them and check out the Vocus Instagram account, where the company shares a number of quotes and inspiring photos.


The popular inbound marketing software provider (and presenter of the upcoming Inbound 2014 conference) is on Instagram, too. They have great motivational messages (that often come with the hashtag #messageoftheday) to share with businesses looking to foster a positive, customer-centric culture.

(Check out: “Instagram for Business: How the Photo-Sharing App Can Improve Your Brand’s Reputation”)


Obviously, TED is known for its talks and ideas conferences. But, as they say, a picture can paint a thousand words, and the organization’s Instagram account serves as proof. Expect great quotes, powerful ideas, and inspiring stories.

Constant Contact 

Constant Contact is one of the leading providers today of E-mail, event, and social marketing services. We love their Instagram account, and we think you will, too, what with a regular stream of inspiring quotes, facts and figures, and daily tips and tricks for local business owners.


E-mail marketing provider MailChimp has one of the most visually stunning Instagram accounts out there. Not only does the company share fantastic photos (which design branding people can take a cue from); MailChimp also shares simple, inspiring images that your business may have already known but occasionally need to be reminded of.


Be sure to follow the media company’s official Instagram account if you want to be as successful as today’s business leaders. The information, infographics, and entrepreneurial advice shared regularly by Forbes are a great resource for all kinds of entrepreneurs and business owners, no matter the industry.

Ogilvy & Mather 

Ogilvy & Mather is one of the heavyweights of the advertising industry. The company’s Instagram account is a terrific source of information on various industry events, current media trends, bright ideas, and inspiring business quotes.

Entrepreneur Magazine 

Another inspiring business media company to follow on Instagram is Entrepreneur Magazine, which shares practical advice like tax tips, best business practices, the latest social media trends, and images that are meant to inform and inspire.


Hey, while you’re at it, be sure to follow our team on Instagram, too. We give you snippets of our life in the office and post images that showcase the kind of customer-centric culture we as an organization try to foster.

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