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TripAdvisor is one of the leading review sites for hotels, restaurants and attractions. With over 150 million reviews on the site and credibility comparable with websites such as Expedia, it absolutely makes sense to maximize all the features available to business via the TripAdvisor for Business page.

TripAdvisor offers a variety of free widgets to allow you to easily integrate the TripAdvisor experience as part of your website or social media marketing strategy. While many businesses take advantage of the “featured on TripAdvisor” or “Certificate of Excellence” buttons, very few are maximizing the tools available to reach current and future customers using social websites. One of our favorite and least utilized widgets is the TripAdvisor Facebook app.

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What Is the TripAdvisor Facebook App?

The TripAdvisor Facebook app is a tool that allows businesses to effectively and seamlessly display TripAdvisor content, reviews, percentage of recommendations, and awards. By feeding directly from TripAdvisor, your business is able to leverage the TripAdvisor content, creating a dynamic feed and adding credibility to your business or product.

Who Should Install the TripAdvisor Facebook App?

Because the TripAdvisor page will feed directly from your TripAdvisor profile, we recommend for you to assess the health of your online reputation prior to installing this widget. The goal is to install it if and when the feed contains information that furthers your brand, creates additional trust, and conveys a positive image of your business.

A second consideration before running a Facebook installation is the readiness of your TripAdvisor profile. If you have not taken the time to take ownership of your profile and work on creating a profile experience that is business-conducive, media-rich, and up-to-date, then you may want to hold off on moving forward with incorporating this app as part of your overall social media and branding strategy.

What If I Have Bad Reviews or a Poor Overall Score?

If you are still working on improving your reputation, then give yourself and your business a little time to gain traction, improve your scores, and take advantage of newer, better-scoring reviews. Once you begin improving your online reputation metrics and you have put a plan together to engage interactively with your reviewers as well as your social media followers, you may then move forward with your TripAdvisor Facebook app installation.

Can I Pick and Choose Which Reviews Feed to the Facebook Integration?

While it would be nice to only display positive reviews, this widget does not allow you to manually filter reviews. If you feel your feed currently presents a risk as far as magnifying negative reviews, then you may not yet be ready to roll out this feature. The key is to begin monitoring and managing your reputation to the point of achieving review stability and consistently high scores.

What Else Do I Need to Do?

Your current customers and potential clients are often seeking the reassurance that comes from customer-centric interactivity. Make it a point to have a review response strategy to further the reach of this integration. Your reviews are a great way to show future customers that you are willing to do whatever it takes to deliver the best possible service and always make things right.

Do I Need to Wait Until I Have Many Facebook Fans?

No, by installing the app, you are likely to gain traction and credibility. You also provide your customers additional content to Share and Like, often resulting in viral patterns that can help when it comes to reach, and increased numbers of new fans learning about your product or service.

How Do I Install the TripAdvisor Facebook App?

The installation of the TripAdvisor Facebook app is really simple. Follow these steps and you will be ready in no time:

  • Log into Facebook in your role as administrator of a business page. Remain logged in, since this will initialize a prompt once you are on TripAdvisor.
  • Select the widget titled TripAdvisor Traveler Reviews for Facebook.
  • A page will open up inside Facebook, and if you are the administrator of your page, then you will be able to select from a list of Facebook pages you manage. Select the page you wish to install the Tripadvisor Facebook app onto and click “Add Page Tab.
  • Once you have installed the TripAdvisor Facebook widget to your business Facebook page, you can customize which sections of the app you would like to feature on your page.
  • Make sure you activate the “Write a Review” section, as it is one of the most useful and popular sections of this app. By including this section, you will be able to capture reviews from customers who already have a loyal and engaged relationship with your brand.

Once you have completed your installation, you will see a new tab on your Facebook page right next to the About Us section. This tab can be customized to align with your branding concept.

Adding this tab to your Facebook page is a smart move, and it is another free marketing tool that can help you gain ground when it comes to brand credibility. The incorporation of review websites across your entire branding environment is a win for you and a win for your customers.

Kevin Kent

Kevin is the Director of Finance and Operations at ReviewTrackers. Every day he finds creative ways to solve business owners' problems and identifies key issues to help them achieve top results.


  1. New Bee

    I am not sure that this app will help your business. There is no option of deleting and preventing bad reviews and that can ruin your business. Also there is no option of replying to the review, so you can’t even explain why you got a negative review. FB is still trying to be one of the most influential review provider, but there is a long way to go before it actually become one.

  2. Annie

    I don’t see why I shouldn’t do this. You are absolutely right. Having a tripAdvisor app at your page could only increase your business revenue.

  3. jimi

    what will I do if the Page I want to select is not in the selection tab? please answer back. thanks!

  4. Brian Wilson

    I know this is an old post but does any know whether or not The TripAdvisor app should work on the iPad/iPhone Facebook app? I have TripAdvisor set up on my mac but can’t see it on the iPad! Brian

  5. Helen Ainscow

    Hi I’m trying to set this up on my laptop on my business page but can’t find where I’m supposed to add it it just says copy code or email any help appreciated thanks

  6. Corinne

    Same as Brian, I cannot see the TripAdvisor reviews on my Facebook Page from a mobile phone. Considering mobile phones are most probably the primary internet usage device, how can I make it appear on the mobile facebook version of my page ? I hope you can help me!

    • Ali Zafar

      can’t see TripAdvisor Review Tab when access my facebook page from Iphone. I agree with Corinne that people access Facebook on Mobiles more than on desktop so generally it would help a business collect more reviews.

  7. michal

    I have added the tab, it was working fine. Now for reasons unknown it says “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now”

  8. Christie

    HI , I have installed this app, but it is not visible via phone? Because most of our viewers are accessing our page via mobile, this is a problem. Is there a way to customise this and make it shown on mobile??

  9. Tired

    Now, tripadvisor has just ditched all their thousands of users on the “cities i’ve visited app”. They do not reply to any comments, and are basically creating their own end-of-life.

    I wouldn’t invest one cent in such a company. They do not even understand that their users are the fundation of theitr business.

    Cheers and forever good bye. There are plenty other portals for travel advise and hotel