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It’s currently Social Media Week in Chicago (#SMWChicago), an event that provides a community-sourced, city-wide experience engaging thousands of people with the brightest and most innovative social media perspectives. Sponsored by Microsoft and designed around the theme of “Reimagining Human Connectivity,” Social Media Week Chicago also features 8 Masterclasses (hands-on workshops), a two-day Digital Marketing Summit, and a great lineup of speakers from companies like Google, Sprout Social, BuzzFeed, Tumblr, HelloWorld, Tongal, and the Zocalo Group.

ReviewTrackers is proud to be a part of #SMWChicago: our team, in fact, is hosting several events, including:

Customer Support as Your Competitive Advantage (#SMWSupport) 

Our very own Crystal Shuller, Director of Customer Happiness, shares tips and tricks on how to delight your customers and solve their problems. We love Crystal and she’s known around the ReviewTrackers office for emails that make everyone smile.

Managing Online Customer Reviews for Multi-location Brands (#SMWReviews) 

Looking for ideas on how to deal with crazy Yelpers? Then drop by the ReviewTrackers office for a great learning session. Our CEO and founder Chris Campbell leads this workshop on the best practices for managing online reviews and reputation. There’s a wine and cheese mixer after the workshop, which makes this a can’t-miss event!

Beer Friday Tweet Up (#SMWBeerFriday) 

September 26

It’s time for Beer Friday, a perfect time to unwind after all the events and activities during Social Media Week. This time, there are no speakers and Powerpoint presentations – just an evening dedicated to networking and craft beer. Pop-A-Shot hustlers: make sure you bring your A game!

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