Online pediatrician reviews posted by your patients can either be healthy or hazardous to your practice.

That’s because other people – your potential patients and clients – can read these reviews, and use these as the deciding factor as they seek to make appointments with pediatricians, doctors, and health professionals.

To minimize any negative impact that online reviews may cause, it’s critical to keep an eye on review sites like Google+ Local, Foursquare, Insider Pages,, Dr. Oogle, and Vitals (among many others). That way, you’re in tune with what your patients (or the parents of your patients) are saying online about you. And you can gain insights that will help you identify issues and build a positive, friendly, trustworthy reputation.

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ReviewTrackers, a powerful pediatrician review monitoring platform

We created a tool called ReviewTrackers to help you monitor pediatrician reviews across the Web – in a simple, fast, and easy way. Powered by proprietary data collection technology, ReviewTrackers aggregates online reviews from all the major review sites (as well as review sites specific to the medical and health services industry) and gathers these in one powerful user dashboard. Why? So you don’t have to. (So you can continue being a great healer of children!)

Pediatrician Review Monitoring

Know who’s talking – and where. Even if you spend several hours a day manually monitoring medical reviews, there’s still a chance that you may miss what one of your patients has said or posted. ReviewTrackers eliminates that chance, and guarantees that you’ll never again miss a new review.

Receive timely notifications. As soon as you sign up and create your own ReviewTrackers account, we’ll begin tracking pediatrician reviews all over the Internet. We’ll even send timely notifications to your e-mail inbox every time we discover a new review. That way, you can always listen closely and respond promptly to what your patients are saying.

Establish authority and trust. You’re in a better position to gain the trust of more people if you actively engage online with your most vocal patients. ReviewTrackers provides you all the review data that you need to engage, and to win over patients both old and new.

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