Running a massage spa or massage center? Here’s something you should know: online reviews can make or break your business. 

In fact, according to a recent study, close to 80 percent of your clients are influenced by online reviews. This means that you’ve simply got to stay on top of what people are saying online, especially on review sites like Google+ Local, Foursquare, and TripAdvisor. If prospects find one-star ratings and negative comments about your therapists or massage services on the Internet, you have to be able to respond effectively (and promptly), turn frowns into smiles, and find ways to heal your online reputation. 

That’s why we created ReviewTrackers: a simple, fast, and easy way to manage and monitor massage reviews. By collecting your reviews automatically in one central location, and by alerting you to every new review of your business, ReviewTrackers saves you the time and effort you might otherwise spend on checking review sites one by one. 

(We also monitor nail salon reviews and other service-based businesses in the health and wellness industry.) 

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Spa and Massage Review Monitoring 

We understand. As a business owner trying to make a name for yourself by giving the best massages in the neighborhood, you may not have enough time to sit at a computer desk all day long, listening and waiting for your online massage reviews. 

Massage Review Monitoring

You can let ReviewTrackers do that job for you. Our online review monitoring platform can: 

Collect all your reviews and centralize all your review data in one user-friendly dashboard. No need to check multiple review sites one by one. No need to waste hours of your precious time saving, creating, and opening bookmarks on your browser. Using the ReviewTrackers dashboard, you can access all the massage spa and massage reviews posted by your clients — anytime, anywhere, using any Web-enabled device (computer, tablet, smartphone).  

Automate massage review aggregation. Stop reading and managing your reviews manually. Just sit back, relax, and let Review Trackers take care of it. Our platform is powered by proprietary data collection technology that automates the review collection process. 

Deliver review alerts straight to your inbox. If one of your recent clients posts a new review of your spa and massage center, we’ll let you know ASAP. ReviewTrackers sends timely review notifications straight to your E-mail inbox, complete with a link to the actual review page. That way, you can respond promptly to the review and show the rest of the world how much you care about and value customer feedback. 

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Let’s face it. Everyone has an opinion on how good (or bad) a massage is. A number of your clients are talking online for sure. We’re here to help you listen in, engage, manage, and respond to all these massage spa reviews. 

Find out more about how ReviewTrackers works by visiting our Tour page. If you have any questions, need help on getting started, or just want to say hello, do send us a message or call (866) 854-7670.